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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Neutrals

Have you ever looked in your closet and noticed that it is about 90% one color? Some people are fun and that color is pink or different shades of blue....... my closet is a neutral paradise lol. When I go shopping I will sometimes look down at the string of clothes I have hung on my arm and just roll my eyes at myself. I can't help that I'm just drawn to neutrals they're so easy to pair with anything!

One of my absolute favorite places to take pictures in San Antonio is the San Jose Mission(This is the place I actually had my bridal portraits taken at as well.) My guess is you've probably heard of the Alamo (wink wink.....well hopefully you have especially if you're an American.....) but did you know there are multiple other missions scattered throughout San Antonio?  The San Jose Mission is also known as the "Queen Mission" because it is the largest in San Antonio. Funny huh. you'd think with how much the Alamo is talked about that it is this huge fortress but really....not so much. Not only is this mission a  beautiful place, but it's also packed with history and stories. I would highly recommend stopping by if you are visiting and looking for things to do! For more information about the mission, click here

Bag: Target ( Here )
Jewelry: Belle Bijoux (Sold Out)
Linen Top: Found at Marshalls. Love This One 
Pants: Old (I want these )
Shoes: Old (Wishlist herehere, and here)

I feel like the older I've gotten, the more I've become friends with my mom and the more I've realized how much she's given and sacrificed for her kids. I really think becoming a first time mom has made me look at motherhood so differently and appreciate it so much more. It was so fun to take a girls day trip to the San Jose Mission and just talk an be silly. Tyson LOVED visiting his Gigi and Papi's house. He was definitely spoiled and is looking forward to going back and swinging in his baby swing. He kept dozing off in it lol it was adorable!! I can't believe he's already 8 months! If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen his most recent Operation Round Noggin Update. Basically he only needs his helmet for 5 more weeks! Y'all, I cannot tell you how excited/grateful I am that it will be coming off before the summer heat really kicks in! As it is, he gets so hot in it so easily so the timing couldn't be better!

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