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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day in a Jar

This is the first Mother's Day that I get to technically be considered a mom. I've always loved Mother's Day but now being a mom it has really given me a new appreciation for my mom and the other mothers in my life. I remember being told that I would never quite understand the love a mother has for her child until I became a mom. That statement couldn't be more true.

I really wanted to do something special this year for my mom and mother in law and after scouring Pinterest multiple times, it kind of came to me as I was strolling the rows at Target. I saw this adorable drink dispenser that said Sweet Summer and immediately thought of my mom. I took out my phone and started to make a list of random things that just made me think of my mom.

My Mom:

Mason Jar glasses with fancy straws
Tyson's Gigi

I then picked up the dispenser that reminded me of mom and used it as my gift container and began stuffing away with everything that is her. To finish it off I wrote a card explaining the randomness of the items inside and why they reminded me of her. Heartfelt thoughtful gifts will beat expensive gifts any day in my opinion.

My experience being a mom up to this point has been nothing short of amazing. I have learned so much about myself as a person and grown leaps and bounds. I've learned that my to-do lists sometimes don't get checked off completely but that's ok because I get to roll around and hear the giggles coming from my drooly two toothed 8 month old. I've learned that patience grows. After getting peed on, spit up on (after I've already changed 5 times), cried and reached for while I'm in the middle of dinner or cleaning up toys for the 12th time. I can't help but feel so loved because he wants to just be held by me. How can I get angry at someone so little and so dependent on me loving and taking care of him. On the flip side, I've learned that a baby can fuss for a little while and be ok. I don't need to run over to him as soon as he starts crying for me because it's good for them to learn to self sooth and self entertain and I never want to pick him up out of anger or frustration so if you need to step in another room and take a few deep breathes and count to 10 do it. Babies can sense stress in people which isn't going to help soothe an already agitated baby so take a few seconds to get yourself where you need to be.

I've learned that it's ok to take time for myself.  There's nothing better than being Tyson's mom but I still like being Amanda. Finding outlets for yourself whether it's crafts, fitness, blogging, baking...whatever it might be, is so important because you need to maintain your individuality. I can't be my best for others and my family if I'm not taking care of myself. Lastly I've learned that doing the best I can is enough. I feel like I've heard this phrase a lot lately, " You are enough". There's no point in spreading yourself so thin because then you're never going to be able to really give what you need to in every area. Saying no to things is ok. I don't have to always say yes. My family time is the most important thing.

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