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Friday, June 24, 2016

The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome About Prepping For a Bikini Competition

I feel like I'm in one of the biggest marshmallow social experiments ever! I can either pick up that extra creamy vanilla custard filled chocolate donut screaming my name across the store while I'm hanging out in the produce section, or...... I can keep on track with my goals, compete knowing I worked as hard as I could have, and have my mouth watering donut the second I walk off stage lol.

Prepping for a bikini competition is hard! Like everything there are good days and bad days. In my post about why I started training for an NPC competition (Here) I said I wanted to be honest about my progress and experiences. The good, the hard, and the awesome!

Let's start with the hard first,

The Hard

Eating: I thought that eventually with clean eating and not eating ANY sweets my cravings would just go away. Welp they haven't haha. Yes, in some ways my cravings have gone down and are more manageable, but they are still there. The thoughts that I have during the day go somewhat like this. "Hmmmmm what do I want to eat the night after my competition?......Cheesecake Factory...Yep. I'm going to eat bread and butter, probably some sort of pasta for dinner......and CHEESECAKE!! Adam's Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple Cheesecake. Should I share it with Eric or just get my own?.......Good thing I have oh..... TWO MONTHS to figure it out!!!!" So just in case you were curious, this is usually what's running through my mind 24/7.

 When I first started the diet for this program, it almost seemed like too much food. After adding consistent cardio and weight training, I feel like I'm always hungry! It is really cool to see how quickly your body reacts to food. When you treat your food like fuel for your muscles vs. what tastes good, you will see results sooooooo much faster! I feel like we've all heard that diet is 80% of how your body looks and then 20% is working out, but to actually see that work in yourself is crazy!

Energy: Between 45+ min of cardio daily, 1 to 1.5 hr workouts and chasing a busy 10 month old, I feel like I'm running on fumes 80% of the time but this is where organization helps a TON!! I really try to have my day planned the day before with my to-dos, activities, and "wants" list done the night before. If I don't, I feel like I'm always trying to play catch up and then end up feeling like I didn't do anything all day. Whether you're a stay at home mom, working full time, or even doing both, organization is going to help you have a smooth running day.......That and caffeine haha my go to energy sources are Spark energy drink mix by Advocare and my On Amino Energy drink mix that I use before I go to the gym. Drinking lots of water throughout your day will also help with energy levels.

Time: A few comments that I've gotten since starting this journey is "I would love to do something like that but I just don't have the time." or "That's so great you're doing this, but I have other things I need to do." and lastly " It's so nice you stay home so you CAN do this. I work full time so getting to the gym is too hard."

#1 Yes, this is definitely a big commitment but that's where organization comes in. If I don't get my cardio in before Tyson wakes up or my workout done first thing in the morning, it's very difficult to get it in. You have to know what your schedule is and how to make it work for you.

#2 What are your priorities? This lifestyle isn't for everyone and that's ok. I love the saying that you make time for what's important to you. It's so true. If your boss told you he needed something done by the end of the day no excuses, you'd find a way to squeeze that task into your busy schedule. It's a great question to ask yourself though, how important is having an awesome physique to you? What are you willing to do for it?

#3 Yes I am a stay at home mom and am very fortunate to be able to go to the gym when most people are just settling in their desk to start their work day. That being said, I still view my role as a full time job. One of the things I was really big on when starting this process was to not let competition prep affect me as a mom and wife. I still need to do activities with Tyson whether it's the library, park, pool, or even just one on one play time that is a must. I still have dinner ready every night, still have home finances, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and other random things to-do. Stay at home moms can sometimes get a bad rap. I will say yes it is AMAZING to be able to set my own schedule and technically do what I want when, but in these short 10 months of staying at home I can easily say it is the hardest job I've ever had. When I worked full time I still did the gym, but it was just after I got off work. I also had friends that would go during their lunches so you can make it work.

If you're working full time and have mommy duties...........there is a woman that is there with me every morning at the gym at 5am doing her workout for her physique competition because it's the only time she can. She works full time as an attorney, has 3 kids, and all the mom duties after work to do as well.


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The Good and the Awesome!

Let's get to the fun! If I haven't scared you off with all the hard up to this point. Obviously the best part of this whole process is watching the changes in your own physique, but there are so many other perks that I'm starting to notice.

Physique: From my start date to this point, I've lost 11 pounds and still put more muscle on than what I had before. I got nervous for a while because I felt like I was just getting skinny and losing anything that I had muscle wise but as soon as I shed the fat, the muscle started making its debut and I freaked out! Sooooo excited! I still have quite a ways to go but watching those muscle gains start to slowly come in just fuels my fire that much more. Trusting the process is what it's all about.

Eating: With the hard there is also the good and the awesome! Eating clean was soooooo intimidating to me. I've always tried to eat good, but the thought of cutting out the other stuff was just too much. Being on a diet has forced me to find clean recipes and find new ways to make some of my favorite things fit my new lifestyle. In addition to finding better recipes with cleaner ingredients, it also brought to light how often I would grab a sweet because of convenience or because there just happened to be donuts in the break room lol. Even post competition, I plan on continuing the clean eating lifestyle. Eating the right foods and drinking lots of water (a gallon a day) has helped with my energy, cleared up my skin, and reduced bloating. Pretty awesome and totally worth it perks to eating clean if you ask me!

Personal Life: Success breeds success. When you make changes and improvements in one area of your life, it can't help but trickle into other areas. I've noticed in the past couple months I've been much more determined to get things done. Now I'm still not a pro, but I used to be an awful procrastinator and constantly felt like I was just putting out fires unable to get ahead. It was like once I started seeing how being proactive in my fitness journey made me look and feel better, I wanted that for the other areas in my life also......Once again it goes back to planning my days out and being organized. I LIVE by my day planner. My current favorite that I'm using this year is the Day Designer planner. You can find one Here I love how cute they are but also how the days and weeks are layed out with a spot for my to-do lists. My mom teases me all the time that my lists have lists haha not far off!

At this point in prep, (about 8 weeks out from competition) I am absolutely loving it! The pros definitely outweigh the cons. It is such an amazing feeling to set your mind to something and do it. Seeing myself change for the better has made this addictive. I want to continue to push myself in all aspects of my life to see how much better I can be. I couldn't have gotten to this point though without #1 a supportive husband who wants me to succeed and #2 an amazing coach. I talked a little bit about it in my post about why I started training, but having the right coach will make a world of difference. I started with someone I just wasn't clicking with and as soon as I changed to Muscle by Mones (Team Eye Candy) it was like a light switch went off and I knew I now had the tools to become what I wanted to be. Check him out on his instagram @musclebymones

As a bonus, I wanted to give y'all one of my favorite love to hate workouts. It lights your butt on fire so while you're doing it you HATE it, but after when you walk around with your booty a little perkier you LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

Hip Thrusts on Smith Machine

As you can see in the video below Jesse Hilgenberg (not me) has her shoulder blades on the bench and the bar sits just below her pelvic bone (kind of in the crease area when you sit down). Lower your butt as low as you can, and then thrust up pinching and holding at the top. Try to hold the pinch at the top for 2-3 seconds to really help burn the glutes (she goes a little quicker at the top in the video, but I would hold it). Do these 15-20 reps going slow and holding at the top. It's gonna burn but you'll thank me!

I have had a few people reach out requesting tips and tricks, so if there is anything specific you'd like me to post about let me know!!

......Because Dad is just too fun

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