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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DIY Wild One Birthday Party

This past week our little Ty Ty turned one! We had so much fun celebrating him and giving him WAY too much sugar lol. You only turn one once though right? Between his smash cake photo shoot, his actual birthday, and his birthday party I'm pretty sure he's now thinking double fisting cupcakes and cakes is a weekly accurance.

For this Wild One, it only seemed natural that we did a theme based around the children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" and I was really happy with how everything turned out! I looked around on Pinterest quite a bit (especially during my morning cardio sessions) and kind of molded together quite a few different ideas to make his party what I had envisioned. I have linked each tutorial for you below so you can see how easy it was to do a DIY Wild One Birthday!!

In my opinion everything is better homemade........however.......when planning a get together I also believe in short cuts and not killing yourself just to be able to say it's homemade. This German Chocolate cake was great and gasp from a box and already made frosting from the grocery store. I did use this doctored up box chocolate cake recipe to make it have that homemade taste and from what I heard from everyone it tasted great! I would highly recommend serving with milk because it is two layers and super rich! (I can't wait to try it! I put a good chunk of this cake plus one of the fudge pinecones in the freezer for after the competition lol! Two weeks left!!) Speaking of chocolate pine cones, since this was a wild one party I couldn't have just a plain German Chocolate cake!! Definitely had to amp it up with these DIY Chocolate Fudge PineCones. I garnished it with rosemary we grow in our garden (Note: Make sure you remove the rosemary before eating as it is just for decoration. I really don't think it would have tasted very good with this particular cake!)

Being on bikini prep, desserts completely consume my thoughts lol. It's like on a normal day I don't think twice about them but just because I know I can't have it........I all of a sudden need it. Because I couldn't just do the German Chocolate cake and smash cake for Ty, I decided that we needed dessert dips and cake pops to go. I started with this Chocolate Smores Cheese Ball because cheese balls are always good and its chocolate and everyone loves chocolate...........but what about people that don't want chocolate? Well I better have a vanilla pudding dip for them too! This one was amazing! I didn't do the bananas to keep it vanilla but banana would be unreal too.

For the cake pops I used this tutorial for the vanilla and this one for the brownie cake pops and topped them with a cookies and cream candy sprinkle I got in the baking section at Hobby Lobby. I would highly recommend using a cake pop press for these. I couldn't find one so I just used an ice cream scoop and I just couldn't get them to form quite like I hoped so they ended up looking like Rustic Wild Rumpus Boulders instead of cake pops. I was told they tasted great so I will still use these recipes but just make sure to have a cake pop press to really compact each one.

For the backdrop behind the dessert table I followed this tutorial Note: The only adjustment I made to this tutorial was instead of using paper bags, I just bought two big rolls of craft paper from Hobby Lobby. To make it easier to hang, instead of completely cutting individual strips, I just cut the strips and left about two inches at the top.  This gave me about 10 vines per width of the craft paper. This made it so I had a wide section to work with instead of trying to put individual strips up. I then covered the top couple inches with leaves to cover the extra space. It worked out nice because it actually gave the effect of it being the tree tops. For the tropical leaves I used this template. If you have a silhouette cutting these would go much faster but I traced hand cut each one. (Eric was OOT for work so I just popped in front of the Real Housewives of the OC and cut away lol). Here are the Wild One balloons we used

After making the vines, I had some left over craft paper that I decided to use to cover the food tables. I taped them down and just wrote some lines or phrases from the story book with a chalk pen to add a little character. (This would be cute for a waffle bar or dessert assembly line to write out the steps with the chalk pen!) I loved that it added to the theme, and it also made clean up super easy! Win win

In the kitchen we had lunch set out for everyone to make their own sandwiches. When I have big get togethers I always go to costco. Their dinner rolls that their bakery makes are amazing for mini sandwiches. I cut those in half and had chicken salad, a cheese platter (Costco), and ham and turkey (also Costco) displayed on one of my platters. For sides we just did chips and a veggie platter with two different dips. Simple but everyone can make their own portions and the sandwiches were small enough that it made it easier for the littles to handle.

Aren't these smash cake photos unreal!? If you're in the Atlanta are check out Dare To Be Different Photography for your next session. Brittany did our maternity, family, and Ty's Smash cake photos that we adore so much! Check her out!

I would love to hear about your favorite parties you put together! Put a link to your website below so I can check them out!

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  1. This party turned out so cute! You did an amazing job! Happy Birthday Ty!

  2. Okay, this is the cutest little thing I ever did see!! I am always so intimidated to do DIY-type parties like definitely have more of an artistic/creative side than I do but this actually inspires me to take some Pinterest inspiration and run with it! Unfortunately I don't have an ADORABLE little boy to throw a birthday party for - maybe in a few years!! He's going to be a heartbreaker!

    1. Hahaha thank you! He definitely is my little heartbreaker lol! Ya I've had my fair share of Pinterest fails but it's always fun when something turns out the way you picture it! You totally should try doing some of them! I

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