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Friday, January 27, 2017

Holding on to Time with Jord Watches

This coming month will mark Eric's and my 5 years of marriage!!!  Woohoo!!  While I was trying to decide what I could do for him for Valentines/our anniversary that would be meaningful, I couldn't stop thinking of how fast the years have gone by and about our amazing son who is growing up too quick. I keep telling Ty to slow down and not grow too fast but he's just not listening!!  I just want to stop time and take in and hold on to all the precious details and moments we have made so far. I knew I needed something unique to represent the love and appreciation I have for the life we've built together which is why I chose this beautiful Jord watch made of natural Walnut wood. What I love so much about this cool watch and why I chose it for Eric is because first, I felt it looked very classy and could easily be worn with his suit to a client meeting or at home more casually playing around and throwing Tyson in the air. Second I love that it's made from wood! Up until now, I had never seen a wooden watch before and I thought it just was such a unique watch. Lastly it has a high end look without the high end price tag. I love that the cost is very budget friendly which makes it perfect for anyone looking for a great Valentines gift. You can find Eric's watch HERE (Make sure you check out the women's watch section too HERE. I'm dying over the Dark Sandalwood and Smoke and the Dark Sandalwood and Emerald watches....hint hint babe haha)

It has been so fun to reflect on these last five years. From the time we met to where we are today.  Eric and I briefly met at a friend's house while we were going to school up in Utah. He managed a summer sales team that was going to be in San Antonio that summer and knowing I was going home for the summer (to San Antonio) I told him if I ran in to him and his team that I would show them around! To make a long story short, I saw Eric at church one Sunday and started to hang out with him and his team. (I remember thinking he was really cute but put him in the "friend" category because I told myself that summer I was just going to focus on figuring myself out and becoming the person I wanted to boys!) Well....At the time I was working as a hostess at a restaurant making next to nothing. I was trying to save for college but was getting no where fast. I ended up asking Eric about joining his sales team and did door to door sales the rest of the summer. I very vividly remember a time while he was training me, we were walking down the road of a neighborhood and we started talking about goals and kind of what's important to us and I just remember thinking to myself "whoever ends up with this guy is a really lucky girl". Well that next February 25th, 2012 I was that lucky girl and still feel that way five years later.

Another of my favorite memories was almost three years ago when we found out we were pregnant. You can read more about our little Christmas miracle here, but Eric has always been so attentive and caring when I'm sick or just feel off. I remember it was a Saturday morning and we were coming home from the gym. I was ok while I was working out but remember being folded in half in the car because I was so nauseous. Nothing sounded good to eat except a big juicy bacon cheeseburger from Bobby's Burgers (very specific I know). Naturally Eric being the sweet husband he is dropped me off at the house so I could lie down and then turned around to go get my ginormous burger. While he was gone I just had a feeling to take a pregnancy test (I have PCOS and we had been trying to get pregnant for the last 6-7 months with no success) I took the test and it was positive and I just couldn't believe it. I immediately called Eric and just blurted into the phone I'M PREGNANT!!!!!! What happened next still makes me laugh. He goes.... "What?.....No you aren't...... Really!?.....No WAY!?........Amanda....I'm in line to get you a burger..... you couldn't have waited until I got home??" Hahaha Nope! I was just too excited and couldn't believe what I saw. I guess whenever we get pregnant with baby number two I need to redeem my announcement to him somehow lol.

This last favorite memory is more of a trait that he has that has tied a bunch of small memories together. Probably my favorite thing about Eric is how supportive he is. I've talked to quite a few girls that are intimidated by the idea of marriage and I just think of how since marrying Eric I feel like I've come more into myself meaning I've become a stronger more determined person that feels like I can do anything I set my mind to. The person you marry should do that. They should just help you become a better version of yourself. The most recent example I can think of was when I decided I wanted to train and compete in NPC bikini. Eric was all for the idea and would tell me how proud he was of me for doing it. He really made me feel like I could do it (even when it was super hard and all I wanted to do was binge on donuts) His support really helped push me through tough times and really made me feel that my goals weren't far out of reach. To be that supportive I truly feel is a gift. Without his support I would have never dreamed of competing. Completely cheesy but true. He makes me feel like I can do it as long as I'm willing to put in the work. I love that about him.

I had so much fun reflecting on memories with Eric while putting his gift together. Whenever he wears this watch it will be a reminder of all our fun times and to cherish the moments that we have together. Time is a funny thing. It flys by, there's never enough of it, and when you meet the love of your life it completely stands still. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters in life. I hope this gave you a good idea for your Valentine this year (men's watch and/or women's watch). Give them the gift of memories and holding on to the time you have together.

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