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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Playtime Wear

7 For All Mankind three piece outfit (Here)
Cat and Jack Boots (Here)

Tyson is very particular about what he likes to wear....only designer. LOL just kidding. If I read that in someones blog I would probably die like omg seriously who do you think you are!? Really though I never realized how much fun dressing a little boy would be! Y'all they have so many fun cute outfits for little boys that I would love to see even Eric in! I've never really been one that likes cartoony outfits or clothes that look like..... well baby clothes. When I see a little boy dressed like a mini man my heart swoons. So I found this 7 for All Mankind three piece outfit for Ty at Marshalls for $25 but could only find a link to the one at Dillards that's $79 so I would definitely check out your local Marshalls or TJMaxx first!

Also, I've gotten a few comments about how I style Ty's hair and honestly I tried using wax because I like the way it looks but with how much this guy rubs his head and rolls around during naps it never lasted long. I started using the Hard Up gel (find it on Amazon here) that Eric uses but instead of adding water to it, I just put a little bit on my fingers so it's pretty thick and use it like I would wax. It ends up having a very similar look to wax but lasts way longer. If you're trying to find a way to style your guy's hair I would try this!

Ty has been so fun lately y'all he cracks me up! He loves trying to make us laugh and as soon as we giggle won't stop whatever it is. Most recently its been making farting noises with his mouth where he spits everywhere at the same time. He's really talking a ton. My absolute favorite words to hear him say is Thank you "dehn-doo"and Please "peee-ya". He's even starting to say thank you without me having to tell him which to me is as beautiful as getting a fresh bouquet of flowers. It is so important to me that Tyson has manners. Love that boy of mine! 

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