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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Charleston in a Day: Our Itinerary

There are some places that just take you back in time. Charleston was one of those places for me. Eric and I only had one full day to squeeze in as much of Charleston as we could and oh my was it worth it! Each street was drizzled with box flowers, colorful buildings, and so so much history! It is one thing to hear about our country's early beginnings (both good and bad) and completely another to be in the place and look at the buildings where it took place. I really wish we had more time because I feel like we just barely scratched the surface of everything this amazing city has to offer. Definitely a place to come back to!

Below I listed our itinerary for the Saturday we visited. I will also list a few things I would have liked to do had we had more time. I guess planning our itinerary already for our next visit! Whether you are looking for a girls trip or getaway with your hubby I highly HIGHLY recommend adding Charleston to your list!

Friday Night:

12:00 AM Arrive at Condo on Daniel Island (20 min away from Historic Charleston)

We drove from Atlanta which was a 5:15 drive......but then we missed an exit and added another 25 min on.....yay! We were fortunate enough that we had family that let us use their condo on the island or I would let you know more details on where we stayed!

Saturday Morning:

7:00 AM Wake Up

8:00 Charleston Farmer's Market/Breakfast

I love Farmer's Markets! Fresh produce and local goods just speak to me. It's just so fun going to your local Farmer's Market and finding vendors that you would have never stumbled across otherwise. Here in Marietta one of those type of vendors I'm in love with has the best bath bombs! I love this one after long workouts. Charleston was no exception. So many amazing booths with organic soaps, candles, and goods!

9:00 King Street 

King Street is broken up in three main districts; shopping, art studios and restaurants, and antiques. We parked by the art district with some cute book stores because it was closest to the Farmer's Market. The majority of the shops weren't open yet so we just looked through windows and admired some of the building's architecture at this time.

9:30 Charleston City Market

Currently this is where local artisans sell their goods. Originally it was used as an open air market selling Meats and Fish by the harbor. There were quite a few booths selling Sweet Water Baskets. These baskets are beautiful and were originally brought over from Africa by the Africans that were enslaved and were used to help process the rice from the fields. Making these baskets is skill that has been passed throughout time and are now sold more as decoration. Walking through the market you can see women making these baskets. From what I was told to make a small to medium sized basket can take up to 40hours! More info on the history of Sweet Water Baskets here.

10:00 Battery Park

Right on the coast this park has gorgeous oak trees and stunning southern mansions lining the roads. The history of this area is amazing  between dealing with pirates at the time and battles. It's crazy to think of what happened right where we were walking hundreds of years ago.

10:30 Carriage Tour  (Palmetto Carriage Tours)

While walking along the coast looking at the mansions we overheard a carriage tour guide pointing to one of the homes saying that a general stood on his porch and watched the beginning of the battle at Fort Sumpter happen. After hearing him talk about the details, we decided we needed to do a tour if we wanted to get any idea of the history that happened. We ended up taking a carriage tour with Palmetto Carriage Works and were sooooo happy we did! We even ended up with the same guide we overheard at Battery Park and he was amazing. You could tell he definitely had a passion for the history and was very knowledgable. His name was Matt he called himself short Matt because I guess there were two. So...... if you're wanting to go on a carriage ride I'd recommend Palmetto and request Matt!

11:30 Grabbed a Smoothie / Shopping on King Street

After the tour we shared a smoothie and went shopping on King Street. Lots of cute local boutiques along with some more mainstream stores like Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and Banana Republic. When you don't have a toddler with you, you take advantage of shopping time lol! Apparently King Street is the second highest in revenue with number one being Rodeo Drive. It's crazy to think that this street was the same street they used as a trading route when Charleston was first getting started because it was/is the highest point on the peninsula and wouldn't flood during storms and high tide. Sorry for all the history tidbits but learning all this was just so interesting to me!!

3:00 Lunch at the Crab Shack

Y'all this place was amazing!! I got their fish sandwich while Eric got their Palmetto Cheese Burger and we were both super happy with everything about it. Our ticket from the carriage tour also was for a free appetizer so we got some delicious hush puppies and honey butter. My mouth is watering thinking about it! There are TONS of local restaurants scattered down each road. I wish we could have tried them all!

4:30 Second Carriage Tour

We loved the first tour so much we decided to go back for more! We used the same company but ended up with a different guide. It was still great and very educational but i definitely enjoyed Matt's tour 100 times more. It just goes to show how much a guide can make or break your experience.

5:30 Sullivan Island

After our tour we drove down to Sullivan's Island (15 min away) Edgar Allen Poe lived here for a little over a year and a few of his pieces of work refer to this Island such as "The Gold Bug" and "The Balloon Hoax" (More history on this here ). My sister in law told us about an amazing burger place Poe's on Sullivan's Island which is a nod to him. We walked along the pier next to RB's another great seafood place we wanted to try but were still too full from our late lunch to even think about food. It was gorgeous watching the sunset on the water while a group of paddle boarders went by. Apparently you can usually see a lot of dolphins too but we weren't there long enough to see anything. We were both so exhausted from going to bed at 1am the night before and walking all day.

Battery Park

Rainbow Row

Shopping on King Street

Carriage Tours

Sullivan Island

8:00 Back to Daniel Island

Y'all 25 weeks pregnant and walking all day will knock you out faster than any drug out there. We went back to our condo and passed out so we could leave by 5 the next morning.

More Time? Here are a few things I would have liked to do if time would have allowed:

Plantation tours (Specifically Boone Hall Plantation

A full day at Sullivan's Island

More Carriage tours! 
(To make sure there isn't overcrowding in certain tourist areas, each carriage randomly gets assigned a zone which takes them to a different part of the city.....we got zone 5 both times so I still need to go on 1-4!!)

If you're planning a a quick trip to Charleston, I hope this was helpful! I'd love to hear if you've visited Charleston, what were your favorite things to do? Always looking for suggestions for our next trip! Also, for a super quick glimpse of our day trip check out the video below!! XO

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