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Monday, July 31, 2017

6 Pregnancy "Glow" Skincare Tricks

Have y'all heard the story of the million dollar pillow? Basically how this story goes is you buy one simple pillow because you love it. Once you put it in the room then you decide you need to re-apholster the couch to match the pillow, then the curtains to match the couch. Eventually you end up spending one million dollars redecorating because of the one pillow you loved. I feel like that's what's happening to our upstairs right now. So it started with Eric making Tyson's big boy bed which he needed because baby boy who is due in September needs the crib. Once the big boy bed was up in Ty's room, we looked around and decided the paint didn't fit his new big boy status sooooooo......I decided let's paint!!!! White was going to make the bed stand out and be a good balance for the charcoal and navy blue I wanted to accent with........Once the white was up, we decided it was too much white and that now we should paint the trim a grey (working on getting that started next week). Of course now I'm wanting to update the pictures and decorations to go with his room. Keep in mind I haven't even decorated baby's room yet y'all!! Meanwhile, Eric looks at the upstairs bathroom that looks the same as it did when we first moved in and decides it needs an update so while I'm painting Ty's bedroom Eric starts demo day in the bathroom! I'm excited to show y'all the before and after pics of everything because it really is looking good but it's just funny the domino effect that's been set off all because of a big boy bed.

We are officially 31 weeks as of this past Friday! This baby is coming and this pregnancy is flying by. I can't believe it's already the end of summer. How is it the older I get the faster the months and years go by?

So y'all the pregnancy glow...let's chat about that for a sec. For me in my experience, it is FALSE!!!!! The only time anyone has said I was "glowing" was when we were in Charleston and I was sweating like crazy! Gross I know but my skin during pregnancy actually gets dull and dry. I mean it makes sense all the good stuff goes to baby especially at the beginning but it does leave my skin looking blah. I have found some products and tips for products I already had that have made a HUGE difference for my skin (Talking about face specifically). I've listed those below for you along with the links where you can get them. I would love to know what products or tips you swear by. I'm always on the hunt for new amazing ideas!



  1. Every night after I take my makeup off, I rinse my face, pat dry, then apply the Advanced Night Repair Serum all over my face and neck followed by the Eye Cream. A video explaining the best process is here! I do this morning and night
  2. About Once a week I will use the Aztec Mud mask to help pull all the toxins and junk out of my skin. This probably goes without saying but just in case..the nights I do the mask I apply the serums after. (Tip: make sure you use Apple Cider Vinegar with this mask instead of water. They say you can use both but the Apple Cider Vinegar will give you the best results. It doesn't smell the best but it works and it's AMAZING!!)
  3. In the morning after I've rinsed and applied the eye cream and serum, I apply the POREfessionals Face Primer and allow to set.
  4. This next tip has been the best for giving me a glow. BEFORE I put any foundation on, I take the High Beam Highlighter and put it on the apple of my cheeks and slightly swipe toward my outer face, on my chin, bridge of my nose, and in-between my eye brows swiping up towards my forehead. Using my fingers I lightly blend just enough not to see hard lines. (Note: I used to do this at the end of putting my makeup on and it just looked like I put highlighter on. By putting it under my foundation it gives me the inner glow look I'm going for.)
  5.  Double Wear Foundation! Y'all this foundation is the only one (for me) that has stood the test of time. It doesn't make my sensitive skin break out or look cakey as the day goes on. I'm obsessed!! To apply all I do is take a damp Beauty Blender and apply in dabbing motions around my face swiping out to the hair line and neck.
  6. I'm a mom....a pregnant mom who sometimes all the time feels like I need a nap! To help hide the mombie dark circles under my eyes I swear by the Erase paste. After foundation I use my ring finger and tap the paste under my eyes, chin, bridge of nose, and middle forehead. I just use my Beauty Blender to lightly dab until blended. Viola! I have a pregnancy "glow" 

Bonus! To finish and make sure everything stays in place throughout the day I use the Laura Mercier Setting Powder. If I know it's going to be a long day or am going out at night I love using the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to help seal the deal.

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