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Monday, July 3, 2017

DIY Ruched Maternity Dress

Dress: Made by me (tutorial below)  / Necklace and Bracelet: Charming Charlie
Watch: Fossil (old) similar here  / Shoes: Off Broadway (right now they're buy one get one free!!)

Tyson's Outfit
Shirt: Target (similar here ) / Shorts: Old Navy (On sale for only $10!)
Sandals: Amazon

We are in full patriotic 4th of July mode over here! Not gonna lie, I love any reason to celebrate BUT... coming together to celebrate the freedoms and great country I'm honored to live in, is definitely one of my favorites!

So, when I'm pregnant I feel like I get in a clothing rut at times. I'm very particular with what I wear, how it fits, and of course the cost! Add on top of that being pregnant during the summer and still needing to be dressed modestly (without a ton of layers) it can make finding the right maternity clothes tough!

I have been looking online for cute budget friendly maternity dresses because lets be real, dresses are pretty much the only thing I feel comfortable in at this point! I  bought and returned some cute dresses that once I tried on just made me look like a blob marshmallow. Finally I found an online tutorial for how to make a fitted ruched maternity dress and thought why not!? I mean I have sewn a couple straight lines before how hard could it be?! hahaha honestly the last time I've sewn an article of clothing was back in high school and lets just say it definitely looked like it was a homemade project. Not really the look you want when you're wearing clothes. I am by no means a seamstress or great at sewing so for me to be able to sew this dress and really like it says a lot about this tutorial (linked below). The instructions are super easy to follow and doesn't take a lot of technique. 


The only thing I will say (especially to novice sewers? seamstresses? idk what to call us) is when sewing the elastic down the side seams, pin your starting point and then pull the elastic tight as you sew down the seam. I tried to pin it at first down the seam and it just doesn't work like that (I'm sure a lot of you are like DUH!!! right now but it took me a couple minutes to figure that one out). 

Oh and last thing, once I put the elastic in, the ends of my dress flipped out because I sewed a straight line down instead of gradually sewing it tighter around the legs (like it's pictured in the tutorial). It was an easy fix so if that happens just start at the seam and sew a gradual angled line in towards the bottom of your dress to create a more fitted look around your knees


  1. Oh how cute! I'm definitely a novice seamstress but this seems like something I could do. Thanks for the helpful tip at the end because as a newbie I'd have totally screwed that up.

    1. It was definitely a good dress to start with. There weren't any crazy things you're supposed to do so I thought it was pretty straight forward! Let me know if you end up trying it what you think! I'm glad you liked the tips!!

  2. Really cute dress! Now I wish I still had my sewing machine-will have to see if a local g/f can help me out :) Have never used those neck things you mentioned-will definitely have to look for those at a store sounds like a major time saver that neck curve part is always hard to get done for me, so I used to just make square necklines or V necks!

    1. Yes I definitely caught the sewing bug again after finishing this dress! So make sure when you go that it's called wonder tape. One of the workers originally gave me a bonding tape that you have to apply heat to (that's not it) it should stick without the heat and then wash away in the washing machine!

  3. It also helps to purchase maternity fashions in basic colored items that allow for mixing and matching with items such as skirts, pants, tops and shirts. Los Angeles Maternity Clothes

    1. Yes! I totally agree! I love layering and mixing pieces. It really helps make your wardrobe feel bigger than it is! Thank you for your comment!


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