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Friday, August 25, 2017

5 Tips To a Whiter Smile With Smile Brilliant

Y'all I am so excited about today's post! I partnered with Smile Brilliant and had the amazing opportunity to try out one of their teeth whitening kits to bring you an honest review of the whole process, give you a 10% off coupon using code ( carefreeblonde) at checkout,  and.....drumroll......give one of you $139 to Smile Brilliant which is the equivalent of one of the T3 Sensitive System kits (details at end of post)! Who wants a new stunning smile?! (Although this post is sponsored, all the thoughts and opinions are my own.)

For me having a bright white smile is a sign of health and just overall care for yourself. I have never met a person who doesn't want a pretty smile, but what holds everyone back from getting one? For me, prior to Smile Brilliant my options I thought of were... 

1. In office Dental Teeth Whitening which is pricey around $300+ (so that won't work....) 

2. Over the counter teeth whitening products like Crest White Strips which I've used before and even though I don't have sensitive teeth they hurt so bad! I tried them last year for my NPC competition and had to stop because it was sending shooting pains through my teeth (not worth it).... last option 

3. Regular toothpaste with teeth whitening included such as Colgate. These only do so much. With all the foods and drinks that stain our teeth, these type of toothpastes just didn't do it for me. 

That being said when Smile Brilliant approached me I was a little skeptical because of my experience with Crest White Strips. I was worried that it would make my teeth too sensitive and wouldn't end up working because of that. I did some research and saw that they are the only company (I found) that includes in their kits a desensitizing gel you can put on your teeth after the whitening process and was sold! From beginning to end, I have been so impressed with both the teeth whitening product and the customer service from Smile Brilliant. As soon as I placed my order I received an email confirmation and then another email once my kit was shipped. I received the kit about 2-3 days after placing my order so super quick turnaround time! I mean no one wants to wait when whiter teeth are around the corner am I right!?

Receiving the Kit and Making Impressions:

The kit came with two trays to make your custom impressions for your whitening trays, 3 impression putty mixes (in case one of them gets messed up), step by step instructions with images (super easy to follow), and both the whitening and desensitizing gel for when you get your trays back.

Tyson loved the package almost as much as I did lol. He wanted to play with the "play dough" so I had to get out his very own so he could play with mom while I made my impressions. I'm not gonna lie I was nervous about messing up the impressions because I have only ever had a dentist make impressions in the past but it was so so easy. Really the instructions provided make it such a simple process. Just don't forget to pull the impression straight down. If you wiggle them to get them off your teeth it could make your impression wider than it should be so just follow the instructions and you'll be golden! Simply place the impressions in the provided mailer and viola!! Done and done!

Another thing I really liked, as soon as I sent my impressions off to the lab they let you know when they receive them and when they're ready to be shipped so you're never left wondering where they're at in the process. Something so simple but really impressed me. I feel like so often companies don't take the time to let you know where your package is prior to them sending it back to you.

Teeth Whitening Process:

I got my custom-fitted trays back within a week of mailing them off so once again super quick turnaround! I've never had braces or a retainer or anything like that, so having a tray that was custom fit to my teeth was so interesting to wear for the first time! I love that these trays covered all of my teeth except the very back last molars. When I used Crest White Strips in the past I always hated how they only covered the front few teeth. I felt when I smiled you could see where the strips stopped so having these trays cover all of my teeth was a great change no worrying about un-whitened teeth!!

All of this is in the instructions, but for best results before actually whitening your teeth floss and brush your teeth with just water (the fluoride from the toothpaste creates a barrier so you won't whiten as well if you use toothpaste before whitening). You can whiten your teeth anywhere from 30 min to 3 hours! I started with 45 minutes just to see how my teeth reacted/ how sensitive they were. After whitening I brushed my teeth like normal (with toothpaste) then applied the desensitizing gel for 20 min. After the desensitizing gel I just spit out and lightly rinsed with water. You should leave on a thin film from the desensitizing gel. Not only did my teeth not hurt at all during any of the process, but the next morning (when I would get shooting pains from the Crest white strips) I didn't feel anything! So excited to not be in pain! After that, I started increasing my whitening time. I went to an hour the next night and then an hour and a half. I only whiten now for two hours tops and will only use the desensitizing gel as needed. My teeth still don't hurt anywhere close to the Crest White Strips but if I do two nights in a row for two hours they are a tiny bit sensitive but the desensitizing gel gets rid of that quick! On the days I tried doing longer than two hours, my gums would get sensitive which wasn't bad but if that happens you can take an advil or give your mouth a break and skip the next day which lengthens the whitening time but gave my mouth a break.

Overall I LOVE the actual product and process. My teeth were already pretty white to begin with, but after the third time of whitening, I noticed a difference and started getting comments from people. Now that my teeth are where I want them, all I have to do is maintain maybe once or twice a month. I am already going to place my next order to get more whitening gel syringes. Like I said I only used the desensitizing gel as needed and the trays are obviously already custom to my teeth so to maintain I just need to order more of the gel which is only $55 for 6 syringes (18 sessions) or $35 for 3 ( 9 sessions) which is plenty if I'm only needing to do it once or twice a month!

My most favorite thing to do while whitening......


1. Drink lots of water. Teeth Whitening can dehydrate your teeth causing little white spots on your teeth which are temporary but staying hydrated makes the spots go away faster

2. Whiten your teeth at the end of the day. After putting Ty down for bed, I started my teeth whitening and would tidy up the house before bed. Whitening at night is best because you don't eat anything or drink anything that would normally stain your teeth right before bed so the whitening will be most effective. If you can't or don't like the idea of whitening before bed, just make sure you don't eat or drink anything for 30min after whitening to allow the gel to work its best.

3. If your teeth do get sensitive, just take an advil and that should help. I never needed to do that though.

4. Before whitening, try making your teeth as dry as possible to allow the gel to get directly to the tooth. I just used a washcloth to completely dry the teeth before putting the tray on. Also, make sure the trays are dry before putting the gel in. A Q-tip worked great to dry the little crevices.

5. For fastest results try to whiten everyday until you reach they level you are going for. After that it's easy peasy to maintain!


1. Will this whiten partially fake teeth? No. This whitening process will only whiten the natural tooth, so if you have a partially fake tooth, it will stay whatever color composition the dentist used.

Have a question!? Comment below so I can help you out. If I don't know the answer I'll have someone from Smile Brilliant reach out to answer it for you!


I know this is what y'all are excited for! To enter for your chance to win $139 just click the link below and enter you name and email. Winner will be contacted by Smile Brilliant Wednesday September 8th (Two weeks from today). Contest is open for all those living in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Good Luck!

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 Photo Cred: Tickling Tyson photos and #smilefearlessly photo taken by the talented Mosaic Photographics. Visit their site HERE use code "carefreeblonde" for %15 off your next mini session!!

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  2. I used these trays a few years ago and LOVED them! They're so much better than any other whitening product I've used!

    1. They really are amazing aren't they!? I'm in love with my results and how quickly it worked! Thanks for the comment!

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