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Monday, October 23, 2017

How To: Elevate Your Workout on a Family Walk

At times I wish fitness was like riding a bike. You stop riding one day and months down the road start  again and just pick up right where you left off. Unfortunately this is not the case with fitness. There's no standing still. You're either improving or getting worse. The last month of my pregnancy I really had to slow down with cardio and weights because I kept getting shooting pains going through my body. Listening to my body, I mainly did yoga and stretching (expecting mamas: always, always, ALWAYS listen to what your body is trying to tell you. It's not worth damaging yourself or your little one inside). Now I'm here almost a month postpartum trying to get back in the swing of things and it's HARD!

I'm not saying this just to complain. I want those of you who have followed along through my NPC prep and know how much I love fitness, to know it's hard for all of us to start. We all have struggles we are working to push through. Mine right now is feeling like I'm starting from square one and  giving myself the time to work back to where I was. I know where I was and what I'm capable of, so for me not being there is very hard. It's hard to not get discouraged when the weight doesn't come off as quickly as I would have hoped. It's all a process though and that's what I have to remind myself. I'm striving to live a healthy lifestyle not just get skinny quick. Now that I'm feeling like I can start pushing myself a little harder, I'm trying to find ways I can do that with my boys until I can start bringing Case with me to the gym (3 months). One of my favorite ways to workout is by getting outside. Being able to do that and be with my family is a win win.

This last Saturday was gorgeous and we wanted to get outside as a family, so we decided to hike Kennesaw Mt. a national park and civil war site. Y'all it was so fun. Ty loved walking at his little pace picking up sticks and smacking them on the ground with each step he took. Going at a 2 year old pace however isn't exactly the workout I am in need of, which is why I added a few bodyweight workouts along the way. Since Eric was there to help, I took advantage of having my extra cute squishy 8lbs strapped to my chest and did the following to elevate my workout on our family hike

1. (Head Start) I gave Eric and Ty a head start while I got baby situated in the baby carrier. P.S. I LOVE the infant insert for the Ergo Baby carrier. It's so nice when they're so small. Once baby was good to go, I power walked to catch up. Since this hike is all uphill, I was definitely huffing and puffing a little a lot by the time I caught up with them.

2. (Body Weight Squats) As we hiked up the trail, Ty wanted to climb over every exposed root and rock of course by himself. As Eric helped him, I would power walk a few yards ahead and start doing body weight squats until they caught up. We would walk together for a while (this was a "family" hike remember), and then I would do the same thing over again throughout the rest of the hike. Power walk ahead, squat, stroll, repeat.

3. (Lunges and Calf Raises) At the top of the hike, there's a parking lot for everyone who drives up the road to look at the views. Eric took Ty to explore a little more and show him some of the cannons they have at the top of the mountain (really it's a big hill.... Not sure why it's called a mountain...) While they explored, I  did lunges back and forth the length of the parking lot. Those 8 extra pounds of Mr. Case really helped give me a good burn! I also  went to a ledge that had a railing next to it and did single leg calf raises which felt amazing!

Every once and a while Ty would start trying to squat or lunge with me which melted my heart. It's so important to me that he and Case see Eric and I maintaining our health. I want them to enjoy being healthy and physically active and not view it as a chore or something they "have" to do to lose weight. Fitness can and should be fun! Ty actually did the entire hike up himself and didn't want any help (even when he needed it). He was very sad when he found out he couldn't ride the bus down though lol. All that work and now we had to hike down!? Noooooooo! hahaha poor Ty! Daddy ended up carrying him the majority of the way down while Ty said hi to all the doggies and made karate fists at all the guys he passed. He's very good at letting everyone know he's the Alpha dog in the pack.

I plan on doing this quite a bit more before the weather gets too cold. Most of the times I go, Eric will be at work and it will just be the two boys and I. When I don't have Eric to help, I'll go at Ty's pace and just start doing my bodyweight workouts everytime Ty wants to stop and poke the dirt with sticks. There are lots of ways you can get your workout in with your kiddos and without the help of someone else. What are some ways you make sure to get your workout in? I'd love any extra ideas you have!

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  1. These are all awesome ideas! You're doing better than you think you are! Case is so small still, you'll get there I'm sure!


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