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Monday, October 16, 2017

What's My Number One Postpartum Bounce Back Secret?

I love the sound of Tyson's little diaper crunching and swishing as he runs giggling through our house..... It's a lot less cute when its me making that same sound. I've been pretty open that when it comes to postpartum healing, Depends are where it's at. Don't get me wrong, the pros of being able to experience pregnancy and birth WAY outweigh the cons and I'm so grateful to be able to do it....That being said, postpartum recovery can be a beast!

As much as we would all like to look like we did pre-pregnancy and have complete bladder control the day after giving birth, it takes time. It's tough! I feel gross because I'm healing, and on top of that getting dressed is hard because I'm too small for most of my maternity clothes and still way too big for my normal every day clothes. Oh the struggle... Feeling this way it's easy to justify staying in my pjs all day but if I'm being honest this makes me feel even worse. I need to feel put together.

Y'all Case will be 3 weeks on Wednesday and drrrruuummmm rollll...... I already fit into a pair of my pre-prego pants! I'm not in all of my pants quite yet but I am in one so that's one huge leap for this mama. Want to know my secret to getting this done fast!?.....

One of the ways I help speed up the "bounce back" process is by waist training. If you google postpartum waist training there are lots of pros and cons that pop up as well as people who swear by it, people who say it's a bunch of crap, and people who say it's not safe. I love it. I feel there's a balance in all things so as long as you're being smart, waist training is an amazing thing. If you do too much too soon and don't listen to your body I can definitely see where people say it's no good. 

Why I use a waist trainer:

1. It helps pick up your now deflated belly and tighten everything up

2. It supports good posture and alleviate lower back pain

3. It gives me that little bit of extra confidence when I put my clothes on. I don't feel like my belly is poking out.

4. While wearing it I notice I unintentionally hold my stomach in, so when It's off I do the same thing. This in return helps strengthen your core before you can start doing ab workouts.

When I start Waist Training:

I don't start waist training until I feel my postpartum contractions start to fade. These contractions are what helps your uterus go from the size of a watermelon back down to the size of a pear. I just don't want to mess with my body properly getting back to where it needs to be. I'm sure it's fine to start sooner but I just personally choose to wait until those contractions are either gone or just not as intense.

Which One I Use:

I did a lot of research when I was pregnant with Tyson and ended up deciding on the Squeem. I love it because compared to other corsets, it's very comfortable. The boning is very flexible and material is super soft. There have been times I've forgotten I had it on! 

As far as sizing goes, I bought the medium and small to help gradually get to where I wanted to be. When I first start, I can barely attach the clips at the largest allowance on the medium which was about a week ago. I'll only wear it for 30min to an hour before I take it off and gradually work up to wearing it all day. Now I'm at the smallest on the small Squeem and wear it every day (even when doing cardio) to help snap back. I never sleep with it on though. I bought mine off Amazon and linked it below for you! I would love to hear if you end up trying it out or what other tricks you have for bouncing back. Also please comment if you'd be interested in learning about some of my other favorite postpartum products!


  1. You seriously look amazing! Way to go!


  2. What's the BEST waist trainer ? Are workout waist trainers better?

    1. I personally like them both. I feel like the Squeem is more realistic to wear throughout your whole day (including the gym). It's just the most comfortable one I've found, so if you are just wanting one I would go that direction but if you're wanting one more specifically for the gym I know Sweet Sweat has a great one!

  3. What is the best waist trainer for women beside the Squeem cincher? Are you wearing it whole days?

    1. Helen. The Squeem is the one I prefer but I also know Sweet Sweat has one that a lot of girls really like! At first I only did a couple hours to let my body get used to it and then started doing it all day. I never slept in it though

  4. How long you start the waist training journey and it really work?

    1. Hey Josey! I started it about 3 months after giving birth. I wanted to wait for the postpartum cramping to stop before I started. Honestly I kept with it until I was where I wanted to be. To start out only do a couple hours at a time to see how you react.

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