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Monday, November 13, 2017

An Attitude of Gratitude

Pumpkin Centerpiece

Hey y'all! Happy Turkey month!! So right after Halloween in my house, decorations swap to fall, mulled apple cider candles start to burn, and Michael Buble's playlist is turned on (complete with Frank Sinatra, Dino, and the rest of the greats). Something about that style of music is so warm and cozy to me, so its only natural for it to be in the background as the cooler months roll in.

As a kid I LOVED making Holiday crafts at school and lets be honest now that its getting cold outside, I'm looking for some good indoor activities to keep the little ones busy. I found some amazing crafts for your kiddos that will be fun but also be a great learning opportunity for why we celebrate Thanksgiving and the importance of expressing gratitude. 

Side note: I feel like saying "Thank You" is starting to be a lost art! I've been amazed at how little people say thank you anymore. I mean I'm talking kids and adults alike. Listen y'all...... if someone opens a door for you (guy or girl), stops driving so you can cross the parking lot, hands you something, pays for you. Say Thank You! It's not difficult and goes a long way. Show appreciation for everything. If my two year old can do it, I believe it's possible for everyone else. K sorry rant over it's just blown my mind how there has almost been an attitude of entitlement taking over and it's sad to me. I will admit this year I have been awful with sending an actual Thank You card (insert embarrassed emoji so sorry!!) BUT I do say thank you (and did say thank you in person to those I owe cards to) and wave when someone does something kind like letting me into traffic.

So for this activity, I was actually inspired by a local morning radio show who every year does a big project called "The Big Thank You" where they get everyone to write a thank you card to a service person oversees. Their goal is to have a letter or card for every serviceman that will be oversees for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately with new baby I missed the deadline to send cards in, in time (next year it will happen!). However! I did still want to get some thank you cards for friends, family, kid's teachers, and everyone else who positively affects our families. Tis the season of gratitude ya? So let's make some fun Native American and Pilgrim hats and write some thank you's to our loved ones!

When I got these hats, I didn't realize that you needed glue to put them together (I assumed it was a peel and stick kind of thing). They turn out super cute but you will need a glue gun to make these hats. My two year old likes the peel and stick more so he and his three year old cousin lost interest pretty quick but the older kids (5+) had a lot of fun designing their hats and even put on a Thanksgiving play after (so cute!)

If you are looking more for the peel and stick type of activities these Thanksgiving magnets would  be great. Ty and his cousins loved doing a similar one with Thanksgiving owls (sold out). All I needed a glue gun for was the magnet strip that goes on the back. I liked these because it allowed Tyson, his three year old cousin, and five year old cousin to do them together and by themselves (no hot glue involved)

The best part for mama about this fun craft day was this cute festive peanuts table cloth. Y'all for cleanup I just grabbed all the corners of the tablecloth and tossed it in the trash leaving nothing sticky on the table. Number one tip for fun activities like're welcome!

The girls just getting ready for their Thanksgiving play

Ty and Paisley were too busy saving the play room from bad guys lol.

Here is a cute little Thanksgiving book your kids can put together also. You can print this free booklet linked below in either color or black and white (black and white would be fun for them to color while you read to them). I love how it talks about the reasons we celebrate Thanksgiving!

Oriental Trading provided me with the materials in this post however all thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own. 


  1. You are so good at getting your kids involved in fun little projects! This is such a cute and sweet idea!

    1. Aww thanks girl! I really appreciate that! It's fun to be able to start doing fun stuff like this with him!

  2. So cute! The thank you card Kylie wrote us was so cute! Thanks for doing fun crafts with the kiddos!


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