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Friday, December 22, 2017

Breakfast with Santa

Y'all these past couple months I've felt like such a slacker! I love the Holiday season so much, but have just felt stressed this year! After having Case, I've had a hard time getting back in routine and because of that procrastinated so much like my Christmas shopping, cooking, and everything social media related. I really do try to focus on family and the true meaning of Christmas, but when I feel behind it's easy to get caught up in the Holiday stress and forget why we do this in the first place. To kind of get back in the right mindset, I wanted to share with y'all one of my favorite family Christmas traditions.

I was provided with some amazing products from Oriental Trading Co. for this post, but all thoughts and ideas are my own. 

As a kid there is nothing more magical than waking up Christmas morning and realizing Santa came! In our house growing up, all of the gifts from Santa were laid out next to our stockings and with 6 kids (yes I'm the oldest of 6!) there were toys everywhere! Since our Santa gifts weren't wrapped, every year around 3 or 4 in the morning it was guaranteed that at least one sibling would come in my room and tell me everything they saw.  A little tangent, but I think I like the idea of wrapping Santa gifts so I get to see the initial reaction from my kids. Selfish? Plus tearing paper is so fun!.

Anyways... once everyone woke up and started playing with their new goodies, my dad would slip off into the kitchen and make the most amazing breakfast. He goes all out. I'm talking biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls or blueberry muffins, orange juice.....I'm trying to think of what I'm forgetting because I'm sure I am leaving something out. The point is Christmas morning breakfast is my favorite and something I want to continue with my family. Plus I mean breakfast foods are just amazing. I could eat breakfast for dinner any day of the week! 

What are your favorite family traditions? Do you do a big Christmas breakfast or dinner? 

Another one of my absolute favorite traditions I'll be posting about tomorrow and was my family's way of serving our neighbors and coming together as a family. I'm super excited to share that with you as well, so make sure to keep your eye out!

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Just for fun.....A quick decorating tip that I used for our table centerpiece. Using the White Lantern Set, go to your nearest Lowes or Home Depot and ask about their tree clippings. They have a bin of tree clippings that they give away for FREE!! I took a bunch of the clippings to surround the lanterns and filled each lantern with cranberries for an easy festive look!

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