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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Infant and Toddler Amazon Prime Easter Baskets

Now that it's officially one week from Easter, I thought I would use the procrastinator in me to try and help give the procrastinator in you some ideas for Easter  baskets. All of the items are Amazon Prime so it should get to you in well enough time for the Easter Bunny to put together.

I have a confession. Even before we started talking about trying to have kids, I have loved the idea of holidays with kiddos. I remember one year I asked Eric if I could make him an Easter Basket just because I couldn't wait to be able to start doing fun things like that for our future kids. You could probably guess his response lol. I think it was also right around that time that we started talking about kids coincidence? lol.

Now... thank heavens I have two adorable babies (well...Tyson keeps telling me he's not a baby anymore. "I'm Tyseeeeeee!!!!!" Insert bawling emoji!) So I have an adorable baby and an adorable Tyseeeeeeee that I'm able to channel all my holiday fantasies into. It's so fun! This year has been a little more challenging because Ty is at an age where I can't exactly do surprise shopping with him anymore. He wants it now and cries and well it's just not worth the risk of him seeing whatever I'm trying to get. That being said, like most other moms, Amazon Prime has become my new bff.

Last year I tried to put things in his basket that would be fun for the warmer months around the corner as well as some religious items that he could use at church for quiet toys. I loved the combo of both fun summer treats as well as religious items. To me it's important that my kids realize Easter isn't just about the Easter bunny, so I guess this is my way of helping with that. That being said, below is currently what is in my Amazon cart for the Easter baskets!!

Toddler Boy (2yr old)

Summer Items:

Navy Striped Beach Towel (These come in packs of two so once I get them, I'll take them to the embroidery shop and have their names embroidered on them)

Church Items:

Infant Boy (6 months)

Needed Items/Summer Items:

Rashguard Swimsuit (I wanted to try a rashguard one piece because with tyson his little swim shirts kept rolling above his belly so I want to see how these one pieces work. If you've used one let me know your thoughts in the comments!)

Navy Striped Beach Towel (Both Case and Tyson's names will be embroidered on their towels)

Zippadee Zip Infant Sleeper (This is the only item not on Amazon Prime. If you are transitioning out of a swaddle or your baby aka Case never liked a swaddle these sleepers have been my saving grace. They were on the Shark Tank and have an amazing back story. I can't say enough good things about this product!)

I hope these items will give you some inspo. for your kid's baskets. Major plus with everything being Prime they'll get to you super quick so just another reason to love Amazon Prime! As a bonus below are some of the items I have for Mommy's Spring Cleaning basket. Lol oh have times changed from Easter baskets to cleaning baskets. I am super excited about the car vacuum though! Do y'all keep one in your car and if so is it really worth getting?

Car Vacuum

Dish Wand Sponges (I like buying these in bulk because I go through them so frequently. These ones are my favorite because they don't scratch any of my dishes!)

Swiffer Dusters (I like these ones with a scent)

Micro Fiber Washcloths (These are just great to keep on hand. I use them to leave my black granite counter tops streak free, same concept on your stainless steel appliances, and Eric keeps a few for detailing his car.)


  1. These are all awesome ideas... and bonus points that you don't have to leave the house!

    1. Thank you!! I'm excited to put them together for the boys!! Girl I feel like going into the store is getting harder and harder lol. Thank heavens for grocery pickup and Amazon Prime!


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