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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Post Gym Hair Care: Prevent Washing Your Hair After Every Workout

I'm a big fan of the whole "Gym Hair Don't Care."......while I'm at the gym... Once I'm going about my day I want to feel fresh and clean. Now my hair has everything working against it. It has natural curl, It's fine (I like to say fine because thin just sounds so stringy), I bleach it, AND I use heat to style it! I know...My hairdresser friends are probably cringing right now. That being said, I try to take extra care of my hair, what I do with it, and the products I use in it. Working out is extremely important to me. I go 6 days a week and if I were to wash my hair after every gym session, it would turn to straight straw. It took me a few trial and error scenarios, but I finally found the process that works best for me and wanted to share it with y'all to hopefully help someone else out!

Disclaimer: This is what I do so I don't have to wash my hair everyday after the gym. I still shower off after the gym and wash my body. Please shower ladies. It's gross not to after a workout. Wash the gym away when you're done.

1. Don't put your hair up until you get to the gym. The longer I have my hair pulled back, I feel like it just starts to lay differently (which I don't like) so I keep it down until I need to put it up.

2. If your gym doesn't provide blowdryers, make sure you keep one in your gym bag. After I workout, I'll go to the locker room, take out my hair, turn the blow dryer on the coldest setting, flip my hair upside down, and blow out my roots while using my fingers to separate and shake my hair. Once this is done, I leave it until I get home. The reason I do this at the gym instead of waiting to get home is because if I had a good sweat, by the time I get home it's pretty dry in my hair for the most part and it just doesn't work or style as well. Just dry and shake it out right after your workout. This has made a huge difference for me. (it doesn't feel as gross when you get home if you've already blown it out.) I hope this all makes sense!

3. Once home, use your favorite dry shampoo to spray on the roots as needed. My favorite one is the Batiste Original Make sure you use your fingers to work it in so you don't have that powdery residue. If you still feel a little sweaty, break out the blow dryer again and cool blast those roots! Viola! That's it!!! I just style it as normal after that.

Was this helpful? Do you have any more tips that someone might find useful? Comment below!!

Thank you Carly for some great pictures for this post! Make sure you check her website out Here


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