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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Three-Rex Birthday Party

Invitations by LittleWild Design

Hey friends! These last few weeks have kept me on my toes! We had a very special 3rd birthday, my dad and sister flew in town, we FINALLY got our new car! (any guesses what it is?), Ty started pre-school for the first time, and we are in the middle of remodeling our master bathroom!! All very exciting and wonderful things, but all together a little overwhelming! That being said, I am excited to finally share details of our Tyson's birthday party with you along with sources to hopefully inspire your next dino-extravaganza!!

Tyson is OBSESSED with Dinosaurs! We went through a Toy Story phase (which he still likes. You can see that party HERE) BUT without fail dinosaurs have remained a constant so when planning this party it was super easy to pick a theme. First let me ask do y'all throw parties for your kids every year? I was playing with the idea of starting to do them every other year for a few reasons. 1.) I don't want them to expect bigger and better every year. 2.) I think it's just as important to have small family celebrations to really value the importance of family and not having to have friends around all the time. 3.) Let's be honest doing things like this is fun for me and doing it every other year might be a good way to keep myself in check. Once my mind starts going with ideas it's hard for me to pull back!


For the activities I had in mind, I new we needed to be around sand. What better place than the beach/lake. This was perfect because families could stay as long as they wanted, we were able to invite way more people than we normally can when we host at our home, and it's just fun to be outside! For those in the Georgia area that are curious where we went, we used Galt's Ferry Day Park


This location had some great sized picnic tables right next to the beach area which made it perfect for keeping close to the fun and kiddos. I did bring one additional pop up table to put to the side which housed all the food.

Cake by Kings Cakes Tasted AMAZING!!! so so good! She also did the Toy Story Cake as well

Didn't those fossil cookies turn out cute!? I used these cookie cutter/stamps and used this chocolate shortbread cookie recipe. The ingredients are mainly in ounces which is a little different but is worth following exactly! They are made to taste like Oreo cookies, so make sure to roll them out pretty thin to not get an overwhelming dark chocolate taste.

These OXO containers were perfect for keeping extra treats away from any bugs (and they also needed some adult assistance, so great if you want to monitor how much candy your kids are getting into)

I brought this tub and stocked it with wipes, sunscreen, and bug spray for anyone that needed it. When you host anything outside, it's a good idea to bring some essentials that others may forget.

The main goal for me with this party was to have activities that wouldn't necessarily need an adult to organize and supervise (Like relay races and that kind of thing). I really wanted it to be informal come have fun and eat cake with us. The only activity that involved minor adult effort was the Dino Egg hunt. Side note: Are your kids as obsessed with surprise eggs as Ty? He loves them! I guess there are little youtube he watches with massive eggs that have surprises and he just thinks it's the coolest thing. Ok any who.... the breakdown of the activities are below


Swimming/Free Play:

I fell in love with Galt's Ferry after a friend recommending that location. There is a playground right on the beach and sectioned swimming area. When everyone first arrived we just had all the kids go play until everyone arrived. They were able to play on the playground, swim, dig for fossils, or just play in the sand.

Fossil Dig:

This was pretty popular with the kids. I bought these fossil molds from Amazon and filled them with Perfect Plaster. We buried them in the sand and had a shade tent above the dig area so there was no confusion where the fossils were buried. K. Honest moment. First: totally worth watching the kids get excited about finding fossils. Second If you do this, I HIGHLY recommend finding a silicone type mold instead of plastic. The blogs I read made it sound so easy "Oh just pour in, let dry, and pop them right out!" No. it was soooooo hard to get the dang things out of the mold. If I ever do this again I'll either try putting saran wrap in the mold first to help pop out a little easier or use a silicone mold. (These ice cube tray ones could work too)Just wanted to give you some fair warning. Once the plaster was hardened we took them out and then let them completely dry on a paper towel for 24 hrs.

For the actual dig, we buried the fossils exposing a few to kind of show the kids what to look for. I had a few paint brushes from the Dollar Store for them to use to find their fossils.

Dino Egg Hunt: 

This was fun! I bought two sets of these eggs which came with mini dinosaurs already in them. I added starbursts  to each egg for an extra little treat. This activity also doubled as the party favor which was a major win for me. Before the actual party I got a head count and bought a pail with shovel attached from the Dollar Store for each kid. They used their pails to collect the eggs and then after were able to play with the pails in the sand. While everyone played in the water, my dad and sister scattered the eggs and I had another helper hand out pails to each kiddo. Everyone gathered in one area and after the count of three took off gathering eggs! We had close to 30 kids so with the two bags from what I could tell each kid got about 6-10 eggs

Happiest Happy Birthday sweet Tyson!!!!


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