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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Let's Taco Bout Case's First Birthday!

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Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by today to "Taco Bout" Case's very first birthday party! Thinking about Case's birthday theme, I was scrolling through Pinterest thinking of my little Case and out of no where thought "what would our little Case-adilla like his party to be?" Lol get it..... CASE-adilla (quesadilla). Anyways! After that random thought a Fiesta was a must. (Also side note: Case's party was the second weekend of October so we had some Halloween decor make an appearance.)

Our adorable invitations were created by a good friend of mine. She has the cutest Etsy shop        
( Pristine Print Co. ) where she designs invites like the one above. I also linked the exact invite at the bottom of this post.


Taco Bar (not pictured) Sorry! We had to do a last minute switch around right as everyone was arriving so unfortunately I didn't capture the actual bar but I had

* Pork Carnitas (in a crockpot)
*Shredded Chicken Taco Meat (in a crockpot)
*Tortillas (Corn and Flour)
* Taco toppings (shredded cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, grilled onions, lime wedges)
* Mexican Rice Casserole (Next time I would half the recipe it made WAY too much)
*Refried beans
* Pineapple and Grapes
*Jalapeno Popper Dip 
*Two different types of Salsas and hot sauce
*Tortilla Chips

.....and MY favorite a CHURRO BAR!!!!

Costco sells huge churros so I called a day before the party and put in an order for 10 large churros. At home Eric helped me cut them down into about 4 mini churros per one. It was the perfect size for dipping and for the little ones that wanted one. If you decide to do a Churro Bar make sure you cut them into mini pieces to prevent waste and mess. 

In the three pot Crock Pot I had one pot of white vanilla chocolate melts, Dulce De Leche ( I followed this tutorial to make my own), and milk chocolate. The chocolate melts did much better in the crockpot than milk chocolate chips so next time I'll just stick to the chocolate melts.

Last but DEFINITELY not least in the food department is Case's birthday cake and smash cake made by a sweet friend of mine from church. She's made Tysons last two cakes (Three-Rex and Toy Story 2) She always does such a great job with taking my vision and transforming it into beautiful cakes). The cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream and fondant detailing. Holy drool worthy! She mentioned wanting to do a key lime cake and had it been just for me I would have been ALL over that but with all the kids I wasn't sure if that would be what they'd like.


Why play pin the tail on the donkey when you can pin a mustache on a baby!? Lol I had wayyyyyy too much fun putting this together. I took a pic of Case and did a little fun editing to add his sombrero  then had Office Max print it into a poster. The only thing I would change (which may not be a big deal to you) is the quality of paper the poster was. I had them print it on the cheapest paper (totaled $13)  The mustache cutouts I made using my Cricut had painters tape on the back. As gentle as painters tape is, it still pealed off some of the color and paper from the poster, so if you plan on playing a few games you'll either want to laminate your poster or get a better quality paper.

Other than pin the mustache, we rented a bounce house for the backyard for the older kids to play in. We are getting to a point where it's a little more difficult to have birthday parties at the house simply for space so opening the backyard (SO grateful it was a beautiful day) helped so much. We also put a pop up table and folding chairs outside to allow everyone to come and go and have a place to eat and sit.

This sweet boy was so funny to watch with his smash cake. He was very careful and only wanted icing. After a few bites he just got a blank stare and you could just see in his face he was sugared out! He gladly took his milk and chugged the whole thing to wash down the sugar. So funny.


Let's Taco bout decor!

I wanted the backdrop wall to look like you could take a bat and bust it to have a waterfall of candy fall out. Thank heavens none of the kids tried it, but I think it turned out great! To achieve the piƱata look, I bought about 10 packs of assorted tissue paper from the dollar store. Take two sheets of whatever color line you are working on and cut in half. You should have 4 pieces now of green in a rectangle shape. I took two rectangles, folded them in half (hot dog style) taped it to the wall using painters tape, then went crazy with fringe scissors! The pic below shows a little better the separate layers and how they were taped up.

The balloons, scissors, flags, and other decor items are linked below for you to check out!!

Look at this blue eyed yummy boy! I had to enlist Tyson's help to get Case to smile and stay still. The only problem is my sweet 3year old was running around trying to make him laugh so 90% of the pics I got were either Case looking at Ty (not me) or blurred of Case wanting to join in lol.

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