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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

What to Include in Your Easter Basket (Family, Baby, Toddler, and Adult)

Spring is a fresh rebirth of our beautiful world. What embodies spring more than Easter!? Like our Savior, everything is reborn and coming back to its full glory for us to witness and admire.

It is so fun to get in the spirit with adorable personalized Easter Baskets to make loved ones feel special. Parents everywhere are asking, "What can I put in an Easter Basket OTHER THAN CANDY!?" Let's be honest. Easter candy is amazing (some of my favorite) but Easter has become a little too saturated (in my opinion) with all the sweets and balance is key! I like to use Easter baskets as an opportunity to stock up on items I already know I want or need for the spring and summer months.

As a general rule of thumb, the fillers in our Family Easter Baskets contain:

1.) Swim suit, pool toys, and other summer accessories 
2.) A Spring outfit (either play or Easter Sunday dress clothes)
3.) Quiet toys for church or other religious items (Easter is about the resurrection of Christ so it's important to me to have "the reason for the season" incorporated)
4.) Spring decor or other refresh items (Mom and Dad type stuff)

Case is now 18 months which is so crazy to think about! I re-read my Easter basket filler post from last year when he was only 6 months and it just blows my mind how fast time as a parent goes by. You can read my Easter basket for Baby and Toddler Here. Today I thought it would be great to organize basket fillers a little differently.

1.) A Family Easter Basket (Instead of individual baskets it would be fun to do one massive family basket for everyone)
2.) A church centered Easter Basket filled with new quiet toys for your kids to enjoy at church or other moments when you need them to be able to quietly play
3.) Summer Essentials Easter Basket (We love adding these items because it gets everyone excited for summer and they are items we would have gotten anyways so why not combine it with their basket!?

Family Group Easter Basket

As fun as individual baskets are, the benefit of having a family basket is first not feeling like you need to buy sidewalk chalk for every child's basket and second it subtly is a family unifying statement. We are a family that loves, plays, and shares. These things are for all of us to enjoy. 

You could make it a super fun "basket" by getting a fun blow up pool and having that as the basket for all the goodies. I found some awesome options like this dinosaur pool I just purchased for the boys. It's going to be great for them to have enough space to play together and in their own areas while having extra room for friends!

10 Items to add to the family pool Basket:

4.)Sun Screen
5.)Beach Towels (These ones from Pottery Barn are my favorite. The quality is amazing)
6.)If you need a new cooler I'd add this in there and fill it with your kids favorite snacks you already like to keep on hand
10.)A family movie (Tyson informed me the Easter Bunny was going to get him Goosebumps. When I asked if he was sure he said, "Ya! Because I like it so much!" Oh ok dude. Lol.

Really this is a great place to add all your family summer essentials that only you know your family needs/wants. 

Church Quiet Fun Easter Basket Filler

I have found myself using Easter as a time to refresh our church bag stash. It's fun to have new things to keep your kids interested during long periods where they need to play quietly. The benefit of refreshing this bag is you can put the toys they're used to away only to swap out a few months down the road and viola! It's like new toys all over again. I also like putting church toys in here because it's important to me that like Christmas and the excitement of treats and toys, there's a bigger reason we celebrate. Incorporating these things helps remind us all of the importance.

10 Items to add to the Church Basket: 

6.)Melissa&Doug Water color books (These are AMAZING!! our boys love them and there is no mess)
10.)Magnetic Learning Board

Summer Essentials Basket 

This basket is very similar to what I'd include in the Family basket but more personalized to each individual. I'm talking spring outfits, swimsuits, goggles for the pool, etc. Some extra items I really like that are listed are meant to encourage problem solving, imagination, and thinking outside the box.

10 Items to add to the Summer Essentials Basket:

1.) 1 Spring Outfit (Love this Top and Shorts for boys)
2.) Sandals
3.) Puddle Jumper or Pool Toys
4.) Books for Quiet time (Tyson is obsessed recently with Captain Underpants and I got Case this Super Hero flap book)
5.) Summer Toys (If you're planning a trip to the beach this summer, sand toys would be great, or hula hoops, jump ropes, etc.)
6.)Swim Suit
7.) Personalized Beach Towel (You can buy this one that I got last year for the baskets and take them to a local shop to have either your kid's name or family name embroidered.)
8.) Tickets or "Coupons" for a date night. Kids LOVE quality time with their parents especially one on one time. If there is an event coming up like Disney on Ice (see my Disney on Ice info post) include tickets in their basket along with maybe an accessory for the event. Using Disney on Ice as an example (because that's what we're doing for Ty) maybe include a glow toy that he can use at the event or a princess outfit for a girl. Something to get them even more excited!
9.) Puzzles or other educational toys
10.) Items encouraging hobbies or independence. I have a friend whose 9 year old son started his own ice cream business. He makes and sells pints of this amazing ice cream. He even has a label with his cute face on it. To encourage this further maybe his own business cards or items for his business. I love seeing parents encourage their kids to think outside the box and work hard for their money. I love what she's doing with him and think we can all take a lesson by encouraging our kids to take action on their ideas and dreams. What would our world be like if our next generation felt they could make a difference because their parents supported them? I want to see.

This year I will be taking pieces from each basket filler idea for our easter baskets. The majority of the items we've either done previous years or are incorporating in this years baskets. I really hope you're able to find helpful ideas to inspire you for your Easter Baskets this year!

For more inspiration check out the pages below to get the Easter juices flowing!

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