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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What To Do During The Summer (10 activities for 10 weeks of summer, Safety, and Hacks)

Next week starts summer break for the kiddos! I am so excited to take advantage of the time and sunshine. You can catch us by the pool, at the park, and probably hiking all summer long! What are some things to do with kids this summer?

I find the best way to have a fun carefree summer is to put just a little preparation in ahead of time. It's much easier to have things on the calendar to look forward to and adjust as needed, than wonder "What should we do this week?" I reached out to a handful of amazing mom friends I look up to and have compiled a list of 10 "field trip activities" for 10 weeks of summer.

There are also suggested every day activity ideas, tips to keep everyone safe, hydrated, and energized. With the help of Brita, I'm ditching bottled water as a step toward conscious hydration, especially during all of our summer break activities. We've been using Brita since first getting married 7 years ago as a wedding gift. Can you tell we're big Brita fans? Keep reading to learn why we choose to use Brita Longlast water filters instead of disposable plastic water bottles!

Thank you Brita for sponsoring today's post. Please note although this is sponsored, I have used Brita water filters for over 7 years now and all content, suggestions, opinions, and photos are my own.

10 Adventures for 10 Weeks of Summer:

1. Sign your family up for a family 5K. There are usually plenty of 5Ks especially around the 4th of July. Put it on your calendar and go out for family walks/jogs to get ready for it. We've done this for Thanksgiving a couple times and it's so fun to do something as a family that's active and promoting a healthy lifestyle!

2. Plan a weekend getaway. It doesn't have to be far or extravagant. It could be camping, or driving with  your family a few hours away to experience a park or beach you've been hearing a lot about. Put it on the calendar now and have your kids start researching everything you can do there.

3. Spend a day in the city. We live in the suburbs and don't really go into Atlanta as much as I really should. There are so many parks, museums, and art installations the kids would love. Plan a day to take advantage of all the nearest city has to offer and play tourist with your kids. It's amazing sometimes how we'll travel in a plane to go see new places but rarely truly explore the cities closest to us. (or maybe that's just me?)

4. Family hike. Find a new trail you haven't been to because maybe it's a little further than you'd typically like to go and plan on making a day out of it. Picnic lunch, camera, maybe a book on fish or bugs depending on where you're going. See how many things your kids can spot!

5. Try out that resort! One thing I'm doing with the boys, my sisters-in law with their kids, and my mother-in-law is spending one night (two days) at The Great Wolf Lodge. A family resort with a water park, activities, and restaurants all built in. This would be perfect especially if you aren't planning any BIG vacations.

6. Talking about family brings me to my next one. Strengthen connections. Do you have a friend whose family lives a road trip away? Reach out and go see them! We just got back from our family's house in Nashville and I love watching the relationship between the cousins grow as well as have genuine time and contestations with family we don't get to see often.

7. Theme Parks/Water Parks. One of my SIL's kids have a school reading program where if they read so many books they get a one day pass to Six Flags. If your school doesn't do that, maybe start your own reading program and once the book list is finished plan a day for the big kids and mom and dad at their favorite theme park!

8. Beach/lake day. I say beach VERY loosely because we have a lake near with a sandy entrance that is our beach! We did Tyson's Three Rex birthday there and the kids had a blast! We plan on making a day out of it again and just relaxing and splashing in the water. Eric has also mentioned wanting to rent a boat during the summer to just play and do something different. So fun!

9. Service Project. A sweet friend of mine when I asked for some fun ideas sent this to me and I love her so much for mentioning it. There are service opportunities everywhere from cleanups, to hospitals, to animal shelters. Maybe find a few opportunities your kids could participate in and have a vote or choose a couple to do during the summer. Not only will this bring your family close, it will also bless the lives of the community, people, or animals you're serving. Not to mention think of the lessons your sweet babies pick up along the way!

10. Organize a BBQ and S'mores night. Our favorite thing is to get together with friends, eat, and watch our kids play and build friendships. Why not plan a fun one either at your house, the park, or the lake. Put it on the calendar and have your kids help plan it. Who do THEY want to invite? What Food to they want? What kind of games can they come up with? I have noticed more and more that the more involved kids are in any process the more they enjoy and take pride in whatever it is.

Safety, Energy, and Hydration Summer Hacks You'll Want to Remember:

1. The more outside explorations you have the more you'll risk bumps, lumps, scratches, and etc. Keep a mini first aid kit in your pool bag, backpack, and purse. A small tupperware stocked with bandages, wipes, antibacterial ointment, advil, sunscreen, (tampons), tums, and break and shake ice packs will save the day. Be that mom. Be prepared.

2. Instead of drinking disposable plastic water bottles, keep your cupboard stocked with re-usable water bottles you can fill up with filtered water instead and put in your bag on the go. Did you know we spend roughly $13 BILLION on plastic disposable water bottles? Or that it takes around 450 years for one of those to decompose? I'll be honest we used to keep plastic disposable water bottles on hand but I got tired of buying them all the time. We use the Brita Pitcher with the Longlast Filter and are die-hard Brita fans. The Longlast Filter reduces 99% of Lead plus Chlorine, Benzene, and more. We had our water tested for free about a year ago, and the chlorine level in it made me sick thinking about it. All that being said, it also replaces up to 1,800 single use plastic bottles a year. It really is Longlast because just one Longlast filter will last you up to 6 months!

Live Better with Brita with me! With the help of Brita, I'm ditching bottled water as a step toward conscious hydration. Learn more about Brita Longlast and find out how to get yours HERE!

3. Snack attack! Keep only the best munchies on hand to keep the energy high. If I know it's going to be a long day of adventuring (or errands) I pack a smaller insulated lunch box or cooler with cheese sticks, nuts, oranges, protein bars, and fruit leather.

4. Keep watermelon ready to eat in the fridge and juice. In the off chance a little (or big) starts getting dehydrated but won't drink water, watermelon is a great way to get hydrated. Not only is watermelon great for hydration, it also has vitamins A&C which help nourish your skin, and electrolytes to help maintain your body's fluid balance. Eat it in yummy squares, juice it with mint or basil, and even freeze it in cubes to infuse in your Brita filtered water!

5. Empower your kids when it comes to stranger danger. Talk, talk, talk to your kids and tell them to trust their gut. If they don't feel like hugging a friend of yours they don't know don't insist they need to. Let them back away from people they're unsure about. Applaud them for being safe, and if it's a friend explain how you know them and that its ok but don't tell them to stop being shy or to just give them a hug. If they're backing away they're flexing their inner instinct muscle and good for them!

6. Keep spare clothes, diapers, wipes, tissues, and reusable water bottles in the car. A few plastic bags for dirty clothes is also a good idea.

For all the Days In-Between:

I love planning  one big adventure a week but what are some fun things to do for all the days in between.

1.  Pool, Pool, Pool! We have a small kiddie pool for the boys to splash around in and have a pool at our gym. Between the two I fully plan on being out and near the water almost every day.

2. Water gun or water balloon fight

3. Snow Cone Trips

4. Reading Party. Everyone grab a book lay out a blanket and some yummy snacks

5. Lay under the stars. On the trampoline, blanket, or whatever you have lay out and star gaze

6. Art Crafts (chalk painting outside)

7. Cooking projects. Is your child into baking or even just "helping you" with everything? Find some fun kid friendly recipes for them to experiment with.

I really hope you have an amazing summer that is filled with adventure, memories, love, safety, energy, and hydration! With the help of Brita, I'm ditching bottled water as a step toward conscious hydration, especially during all of our summer break activities.  Thank you so much for spending time here today. I really appreciate your support with this article. I would love to hear from you! What are your tips, ideas, and suggestions? Please comment or send me a note, I'd love to hear from you!


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