Carefree Blonde

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursdays and Throwbacks

So lately I’ve been trying to blog at the very least twice a week. Turns out Tuesday and Thursday are great days to blog. This week has been pretty busy. Eric is taking classes that will help him pass his Life and Health Test that he needs for Northwestern. I’m so excited to see him get started with his career, and all the training. There is a TON of information he needs to know, so he’ll probably be a little stressed for the first little bit…..but everything feels really good for both of us and we’re really excited to have all these new adventures coming in our lives!

Bad news bears….I got rear ended yesterday after leaving work. Luckily the damage isn’t too bad. You can see where his license plate hit my bumper and a scratch, but nothing terrible. I think the worst thing about all that though is dealing with insurance! Wow that’s a long process of he said she said, but everything is going good and I’m going to have an estimate done to see what repairs will be….all good.

 Being that it is Thursday and I don’t have an outfit post yet, I wanted to do a little throwback photo album of friends, family, and best memories!! Starting with the best memory I’ll ever have our wedding day……Not so throwback I know, but I wanted to start off with the all-time best ;)


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