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Thursday, November 1, 2012


I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!! I had a blast!! Monday Eric and I carved pumpkins(Frankenstein & Jack Skelington), roasted pumpkin seeds, and watched Scare Tactics. If you haven’t seen that TV show yet it is definitely a must!! It’s hilarious! It’s a TV show where people set their kids and friends up to be pranked. Some of them are terrifying, and I would be so mad if someone did that to me, but it’s so funny to see some people’s reactions to scary situations!

Just got done working

Tuesday I made a Chocolate Orange Spider Web cake for work. I found the recipe on Bird on a Cake blog. It’s all made from scratch and tastes AMAZING!! You make this chocolate ganache to pour on top of the cake mmmmm my mouth is watering thinking about it! Wednesday aka Halloween I dressed up for work and brought in my cake for a dessert/dish contest. Womp womp for the day was I didn’t win, but… was fun and I ate way too many sweets! I have the biggest sweet tooth and it’s horrible! I go to the gym a lot, but eat lots of sweets……kinda defeats the purpose of gym time huh? I’m a work in progress ;) Later that night we handed out candy and watched Hocus Pocus. Love that movie!! There were some really cute little kid costumes. Eric put on this HUGE Troll mask that his dad got a few years ago…. The kids thought it was awesome, except this little boy that saw it on the stair banister and started crying L poor guy!
Homemade Chocolate Orange Cake yum!!!


The bloody baby won the contest super creative......and gross lol!!


  1. Your Halloween make up looked great and I loved your outfit too! That barf mask looks so real and if I were a kid that would freak me out! Did u guys get a lot of trick or treaters?

  2. Not as many as I thought. We had maybe 20 it was pretty but when kids came we were super excited!


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