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Monday, November 26, 2012

soakin in the sun

The great things about vacationing include….an awesome tan, warm weather, pina coladas, laying on the beach and losing track of all time, family, great food, sand volleyball, jet skiing, parasailing, etc. Cons would have to be justifying vacation time as lazy time and not getting my booty to the gym at the hotel….and that’s about it!
For real though, so fun! I went jet skiing and parasailing for the first time. Jet Skiing was awesome! I saw those flying fish as I was going over the waves, and racing all over the place! You can get going really fast on those things!!…..Parasailing may be a first and last venture for this one! It was fun but so scary!! We were out at sea in the air about the same height as the hotels on the shore. I’m not scared of heights, but we were sitting on a bench type thing with no buckles or anything to hold you in. Even that was ok until gusts of wind would make us tip a little! Eeeek!! To make matters worse lol the only other time Eric had gone parasailing was with a friend some years ago in Cancun…..and they crashed!!! They were up in the air at the highest point you can go…..(which is HIGH!) and all of a sudden started coming down right towards the water! Luckily they were in harnesses so they didn’t fall out of anything, but they smacked the water super hard, and a guy on a jet ski raced from the beach to get them. They had to hurry and take the harnesses off b/c it was starting to pull them under the water. Anyways long story short Eric and I both were terrified lol! I had a death grip on his board shorts haha. Throughout the week we played sand volleyball…and kicked butt ;), layed out by the beach and pool, and went to Xcaret. It’s a place where at night they do shows and during the day you can snorkel and stuff like that. Every night we would go to dinner with the family and take pictures. Such great memories! I’m excited one day to be able to vacation and create memories with our future family! 

My beautiful sister in laws Stacie and Mandy

Eric playing with our neice kylie

the grandkids love their mimi

Best tacos ever! It's called Tequilla Grille

Just a little bonding time with stacie ;)

getting some sun!!

All the boys before jet skiing!

Family photo time!

Right after crossing a street with my neice Ella


most amazing in-laws in the world!!

Right before parasailing
Now it’s back to work and the real world. As much fun as I had, I’m also glad to be back home. I’m so excited to hit the gym tonight and get back in my routine. Later this week look on my blog for different work outs during the holidays so you can eat your cake and burn it off too!! ;)

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  1. You beat me to blog about our amazing vacation! Good for you!!! So good hanging out with you and Eric. Love you guys and see in a few weeks!


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