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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beat the Winter Blues!!

Lately on the way to and from work I've been listening to these audiobooks by Earl Nightingale called Lead the Field. He is amazing. You listen to what he has to say, and it's kinda mind blowing and just makes so much sense. Right now he's talking about attitude. One thing he said that really stood out to me was, "You don't have a great attitude because of success, you have success because of a great attitude."  Read the little section below and you'll see what a great motivationalist he is!
"Your attitude clearly determines what happens to you in life. Your attitude, upon starting a difficult task, determines whether or not you will enjoy it and finish it successfully. Similar to the reciprocal concept, "We get back measure for measure exactly what we put in." With regards to attitude, "We get back measure for measure an exact reflection of what we put out." Therefore, if you find people are reacting unfavorably or if you get the idea the world is picking on you - it might be time to look at the attitude you have been presenting to others and the world. Check your attitude!"-Earl Nightingale
During the winter season, does anyone ever just feel in the slumps sometimes? Like it gets cold, wet, and the sky is super grey. haha I'm typing this right now as the sky is bright blue and not a cloud in sight. Such a pretty day!
Ironic I know, but I was thinking about it the other day when it was freezing rain and it looked like it was 9 at night at 3pm. I was thinking about fitness and how important it is for your body, and mind....which for some random reason made me look at the gross weather outside and start feeling slumpish. My first reaction was to wish I were snuggled with my man on the couch in sweats watching the Grinch with a big bowl of popcorn...(rainy days are great for that huh?)...but then I started to wonder why nasty weather makes you feel that way. I know I'm a thinker lol, lots of thoughts running through this head of mine ;) Really it all goes back to attitude, and how you choose to look at the situations around you.

"You have a choice regardless of the circumstances to be either cheerful or not. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by being defensive, grumpy, or even mean - so why be it. If you develop the right attitude, you will find others will have the same positive attitude towards you. Things begin to go your way. You begin to feel lucky."-Earl Nightingale

Winter Challenge/Every day Challenge ;)

  • Wake up in the morning and decide to have a great attitude that day no matter what happens with kids, work , etc.
  • "Treat everyone as if they are the most important person in the world, as far as they're concerned they are!" -Earl Nightingale

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