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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How To: Live on a DIY Budget

So far, these have been my thoughts while going through the home buying process...." A house! mean I get to have my own house!?"......."Woohoo I'm a grown up now!!"....."Decorate, Decorate, DECORATE!!"........."Holy crap being an adult is expensive!!"

It's amazing to me how quickly things add up. Out of curiosity last night I was working on our finances, and decided to see where we were in the previous months so I could start working on a budget......Let's just say that I was amazed at how much we spent just in Jan alone (keeping the number to myself lol). When I thought about that number, I started thinking about all the things we haven't had to pay for yet liiiike a mortgage or utilites and groceries......and then my thoughts drifted over to the show Extreme Couponers, and I decided that I need to find ways to be creative and frugile like them.(Not saying that I'm going to dumpster dive for a coupon or go get 20 liters of soda or anything) I just need to live on a extreme couponer/DIY budget ;)

That being said if you're friends with me on Facebook you may have noticed that my page is now looking more like an advertising board! A lot of companies are doing free giveaways or contests through facebook and all you have to do is share the giveaway and enter your information....Like this one here is giving away argan oil for your hair tomorrow at 10:30a.m. EST. Holy Christmas Batman!! FREE!

I'm the type of person where when I find something I'm super excited about, I want everyone to know about it and be excited too! So last week I was online and I came across Freeflys. Check this site out!! In a nut shell you sign up on Freeflys, and it will send you emails on new samples or free products being given away! (This is how I found out about the argan oil, AND how I got a free mini facial and scrub from Origins!!) Check your email pretty frequently because a lot of the samples or products run out super quick. After you sign up, they'll send you a confirmation email with some tips etc. One thing it said was all their coupons are completely free so never put your CC info on any sample or product giveaway.

1. One of the ways Eric and I plan to save some extra money is by using Netflix and Hulu Plus instead of buying Cable. You do have to have something to stream these to your TV like a Wii or we have aiTv that we got from Best Buy. It's a little pricey but still when your saving  $50+ a month by not having cable, it pays for itself!

2. Go Homemade! The majority of the money we spent in Jan was on eating out! When you grab a $5 meal from Wendy's you may be thinking you're saving some money but that adds up SUPER quick! Instead have some containers to take leftovers from the night before to work.

3. I love decorating and fashion. These are the hardest areas for me because I want to have the cutest decorations and the latest trends. This is where you have to get creative ;) Thank goodness for whoever came up with Pinterest!! My name is Amanda and I am an addict... LOVE this site. They have everything from amazing recipes to DIY decorations, accessories, and clothes. Take a peak and be inspired. Another great way to help (with the fashion frustration) is by looking at fashion blogs. You may find an outfit that sparks some creativity to take things from your own closet and try new looks with them. Give yourself an allowance. Being frugal is good but you need/deserve a reward :) Set a limit and stick to it like $30 a month for either decorations or clothes. If you find something that's $45 save the $30 until next month when you have $60 to spend and get a cute bracelet and earrings to match.

Did I mention I love to shop? Haha this face is what happens when I get going which is why I need to bring it down a notch. Can I help that I love cute things?....Nope

D.I.Y Budget Journey
This is something I'm learning as I'm going. I'm doing a lot of research along the way to educate myself and find new ideas....and free samples ;) join the journey with me. Here are a couple links I think are helpful...(disclaimer: Some of the tips may be a little extreme but pick and choose what works for you!)

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Frugal Mama

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What are things you do to save some green? I hope everyone has an awesome Hump Day half way there!!..and to my fellow bloggers contact me if you want to do a button swap!! I love meeting new people and would love to promote your blog as well :)
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  1. Yes being a grown up is expensive! You are so good at trying to improve yourself with fitness, fashion, educations, and so on. Eric told me all about how you did everything for the house you guys just bought. He is very impressed at how you figure everything out all by yourself and your a go getter! Good job! So excited to see your place...only 4 more weeks!

    How do we save money? We don't eat out really at all. We will go if we have a gift card or a special occasion but other then that we don't eat out. We buy all of our plants at Lowes and save all our receipts for them. If any of your plants/flowers die within the first year all you have to do is dig it up and bring it in a bag with the receipt and you will get 100% of your money back on the card you paid for it on.


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