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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY: Bronze Door Knob Tutorial

Modernizing a home from the 90's has been interesting lol. Like while taking down the wallpaper that was spread like a bad disease throughout the house,I couldn't help but wonder how people ever thought that it looked good. Same thing with brass fixtures (no offense to anyone that has them). Everything in our house from the door knobs, hinges, to the sink faucets are brass.I'm sure it will all come back around one day when I have a kid that looks back at photos and is like wore what, and liked brown door knobs!? Eww lol....but for now this is what is "in" right?
Replacing door knobs are rediculously expensive! For one door it can range anywhere from $5-$25 (it's even more if you want a nice one with a lock) These are all things you start to realize when you buy your first home. All I can say is yay for my very first home project!!! We're in the process of painting everything from the door knobs to the small knobs on the cabinets. It looks so much better and is super easy!!

What You'll Need:

* Fine grit sand paper (we used this )
*Can of Rust-Oleum Spray Paint (get it here )
*Gloves (you don't want brown fingernails...eww)
*A cardboard base or place to dry door knobs
*A bunch of shiny brassy door knobs/hinges/fixtures


1. Take off the door knob or fixture you are wanting to spray paint. Sand down all the smooth edges to give the paint something to stick to. You don't need to be super rough, just enough to make the shine go away.(Tip: act as if you were cleaning it with a sponge don't scrub it super hard)
2. With gloves on, Spray RustOleum on door knob about 6inches away. Make sure you are outside or in an open area so you don't get high from the fumes ;) (Tip: It's important to do thin even layers of the spray paint so that while it's drying it doesn't drip and become uneven.)
3. Prop up fixture to let dry over night (Tip: If you do happen to get paint on your hands or finger nails a little goo off will take it right off!)

This door knob was our first one. You can see around the base where we had to sand it back down because we sprayed too much too close. If this happens just sand it back down like I did here, and then do a thin even coat from a distance.
Here is a side by side of a couple towel rods we are doing. I'm in love with the finished look the RustOleum gives. It looks like the high quality product without the cost!! Total fan of DIY!!

This is a super easy project that comes with AMAZING results. We're going to finish up every knob hopefully within the week. Instead of having to pay $1,000+ to replace every fixture, when all is said an done we'll probably pay close to $80 on spray paint (we have a lot of door knobs lol)
What are some DIY projects you are in the process of, or are planning on? I would love to hear about your progress and ideas you've found! I hope everyone has a great Tuesday filled with money saving tricks that make your lives a little more beautiful.

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  1. Yes spray paint is amazing and has come a long way! My in laws sprayed their huge chandelier and it looks like new! Your knobs look great! DIY is like everything in life, the more u do, the more u learn! I always have a DIY project/projects in my head! Right now I want to re do the hall/kids bathroom. I want a new mirror, faucet, and maybe paint. I just have to shop around and find good deals, which will take longer w my kids by my side! Can't wait to see all this in person!!!

    1. Eventually I want to tackle our chandelier as well, but I figured I should finish this first part before lol! You'll have to take pics of the new bathroom when you're finished! I always love seeing the end products of your projects they look so good!!

  2. I love how beautiful changing out hardware can be!! I wanted to do it so badly to our last place, but we were just renting and I don't know if our landlord would have gone for it. But in our new place we have gorgeous, dark, hardware and fixtures and it - is - beautiful!

    1. Isn't it the best to have your place where you can decorate or changes things without worrying if it will be ok or not!? We're loving the way the dark hardware is looking....and I'll probably end up looking for anything I can spray paint now lol I think I'm addicted!!

  3. Great tutorial I put a link on one of my posts.


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