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Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Favorite: Neon Trends

As i'm sure y'all have noticed, neons are making a HUGE hit this spring/summer, and I'm so excited to get my hands on a few items!! Here are my fave neon trends right now that I'm completely lusting over!!
1. Baseball Tees
I've always had a love for baseball T-shirts.....I think they (for the most part) are flattering and a super cute way to look like you took more time to get ready on a casual day running errands. This one I'm seriously obsessed with. A perfect combination of three things I love most.....Baseball T, Neon, and Nautical = Perfection!
Get it for $26 here

2. Envelope Clutches
Now these are great for pretty much any outfit. They go great with other neon colors, or you could add a little pop to a chambray shirt or a cute little black dress!
I'm loving this budget friendly version (here) for just $25!!!
 Photo Source

3.Skinny Belts
What I love about the neon skinny belt, is it's a great way to add a small punch of color to a more basic outfit (you can do the same thing with the envelope clutch above) These smaller accessories are a great way to dip into the neon trend especially if you're nervous about wearing something too "loud". Get this belt for $4 here

4.Combining Neons with Neutrals
 I love this feminine edgy combination.Something about these two combined is magical. I mean seriously... look at those nude heels with that neon pink ankle strap! What isn't there to love about those!!
5. Nail Art
A fresh mani is the best way to complete your look whether going to the beach, taking the clothes to the dry cleaner, or a night out on the town.
Photo Source

I'm loving all these statement neon colors like crazy! I feel a shopping trip coming on lol! Do y'all ever get that itch where you feel like you have to go get some new clothes or you'll go crazy?! It's a constant battle with me wants vs. needs lol ........but as long as you don't go buckwild with a shopping trip, I feel like a treat now and then won't hurt ;)

I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend! Tonight the hubs and I are going to se the Croods..... no we don't have kids yet....but how lucky will those kids be one day when their parents like to watch their shows too cartoons!!

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