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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How To: Lighten Your Hair Using Chamomile Tea

Every once in a while I'll treat myself to a good magazine. I typically only do this when we travel, I'm sick, or sometimes I just "need" one ;) a $5 magazine starts adding up!! Anyways, a little bit ago while flipping through a magazine splurge, I came to a section where it had all these gorgeous models and their info like where they were from, and a beauty secret!! There were some that ate local fruits from their countries or used island fruit tree oils for their hair. One girl from Germany said she would pour beer on her hair in the shower to make it more shiny! (P.S. I've heard this really works, but you have to do it like once a week to keep up the shine) The next model was from Sweden and had amazing long shiny blonde hair. Her beauty secret was to take Chamomile tea and splash it on her hair to bring out the natural highlights and make it more blonde!!......I needed to try this!!
I'm naturally a dirty blonde, but to brighten up my hair I get highlights pretty regularly...(or else my hair would be a mousy kind of in between color) The only problem with highlights is they start to get expensive, and it dries out your hair. When I heard of this Chamomile tea trick I was super excited!! The pic below is a before and after of the first treatment. (Left = Before and Right = After)

Chamomile Tea Hair Lightener
1. Boil water in pot
2. Put one tea bag in a glass bowl or mug (I used a mug)
3. Pour boiled water into bowl (They say not to put the tea bags in the metal pot with the water b/c the metal reacts with the chamomile and alters its hair lightening properties)
4. Let tea steep and cool down
5. Wash your hair as normal
6. After rinsing out your conditioner, do a final rinse of your hair with the Chamomile Tea. (I was worried my hair would be sticky after rinsing with straight tea, but it was fine and didn't smell )
7. If you can, for best results let your hair airdry in the sun, or if you are in a hurry like me style as usual.
I purchased a box of Celestial Chamomile tea from Target for $2. Find it here
Turns out Chamomile is also a great hair condition treatment. Check out this site How to Treat Dry Hair Using Chamomile Tea and Olive Oil. For another amazing hair condition treatment (that I need to do more often) check out my post Coconut Oil Hair Treatment.
To be honest after the first time it wasn't like I looked like I had fresh new highlights, but I did notice the brassiness faded, it was slightly lighter, my hair felt silkier, less split ends, and shinnier! Over all I'm happy with the results after the first try. I'll probably do it again tonight and maybe add a little olive oil this time to really condition my ends!!
I hope y'all have a great Hump Day!! Half way there!!!

 photo 1_zps9f765ba9.jpg


  1. Do you think this would work for a brunette like myself? :)

    1. Hey Sarah! That's a great question. I would try a test section of your hair on the underside just to be safe. I'm not sure you would get the same results as you would already having some blonde already in your hair. Try it out girl and let me know what you find out!!

    2. You can use other teas to bring out the colors in brown: black tea for brown/black accents, rooibos for red. Unless you already have highlights, chamomile won't do much, but the other teas are heavy enough that they can accent lighter brown hair.

  2. Why would you think that chamomile tea will feel sticky? It's just tea. Water.

    1. Haha that's a great question! I thought maybe from the residue of the tea might leave a tacky feel. Kind of like when you pick fresh herbs and rub them between your fingers to release their smell like mint, rosemary, etc their natural oils leave a little tacky feel after. I was pleasantly surprised when the tea didn't leave any residue though! Haha hopefully that makes sense to you, but it was just a concern of mine when I first tried it.

  3. Hello, im heading to the beach, and I just need to wet my hair and then pour the tea? Can it be used without conditioner?

    1. Hey Shireen,

      That's what I do and I love it. You don't "need" conditioner, but I would wash and condition your hair after you get back from the beach. Also, if you don't have the tea with you, sometimes I'll juice a lemon and put the lemon juice in a travel size spray bottle and keep it in the fridge until I head to the beach or pool. I spray it all over and focus a lot on my roots. Let me know how it works out for you!

  4. I use to use chamomile tea all the time and in the sun.It really lighten my hair. It's been years since I've done it. I am now going back to the tea.It is more cost effective too. It should condition it too.A little vitamin e added plus I'll try leave in condition er. I've never rinse it out before spray bottle works.
    So wish me luck!

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