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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To Die For Maple Cinnamon Rolls

Ok y'all remember the other day how I said I made THE best cinnamon rolls I've ever had?....Well click here for the recipe. (the only thing I didn't add was the 1/4 cup of coffee)  I made myself sick on these bad boys.....maybe I should start doing more healthly recipes lol....what do y'all think? One thing I will say is the recipe says that the serving size is 8 at the top, so I thought I would need to double the recipe....don't do that unless you are planning to feed an army. The recipe will make two cinnamon roll "logs" and then each log makes about 25 cinnamon rolls. So by following the recipe exactly you'll end up with about 50 cinnamon rolls.The dough refrigerates well, so you can pop half of it in the fridge for another day. The photos below are after I split the dough in half, so you can see how many it really makes!! I love gooey cinnamon rolls, so I made sure to add quite a bit of butter


I'm obsessed with this icing! If you don't add the 1/4 cup of coffee, you'll need to add more milk to compensate. The maple flavoring in the icing was perfect. Not too strong but definately reminded me of those maple log doughnuts yum!!!
I ran four of these disposable pans filled with yumminess to our neighbors. They have been so great welcoming Eric and I into the neighborhood so I wanted to give them a little thank you. The other two we brought over to Eric's parent's house for dessert after dinner.... If y'all are looking for the next dessert to wow your family and friends this is it!!

I hope everyone has a great Hump Day...Half way there! Let me know if you try these cinnamon rolls out!!

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