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Friday, July 17, 2015

White Lace Maternity Dress

The thing I love about Pinterest fashion is I get so many cute amazing outfit ideas .......The thing I hate about Pinterest fashion is I can never find the piece I'm lusting after, or it is out of stock or sold out. I've found this especially true being pregnant. Finding cloths that make me feel "normal" has been a little challenge but luckily I've found a few great staples that I just mix and match with everything else. (I'll do a post on that later).

I knew for my maternity pics I wanted a simple fitted lace dress with a neutral color. Simple enough right??..... Nope! It took me months before I found this dress and y'all I am in LOVE with it!! I've posted the details below for those that have asked where I found it. Guess what....... as of right now it's still in stock!!! Best feeling ever!

Eric and I had so much fun doing these pics together in Downtown Woodstock Georgia (y'all need to check it out such a cute place). I always have so much fun with him. Not only does he look freakin HOT in these photos, but he's just so fun to be around. I know I sound uber cheeze ball right now, but he really is my best friend that I turn to for everything.....poor guy lol!! ;) 

For the Ladies:

Dress: Nordstrom Ingrid & Isabel Lace Maternity Dress in Winter White Here
Shoes: Old, but I  Love These and These

For the Men:

Shirt: Nordstrom Here
Belt: Bannana Republic old Similar Here
Jeans: Old Love These These and These
Shoes: Allen Edmonds out of stock  but similar Here

 photo 1_zps9f765ba9.jpg

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