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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Moms On Call, What Works For Us

When we were expecting Tyson, we received TONS of advice. Some things were great and awesome tips, while others were a little extreme and unsolicited (If you've gotten some opinions or advice like this you know what I mean). By far the BEST advice we received from multiple people in Eric's office, the neighborhood, and other acquaintances was to look into Moms on Call. Every person I've talked to that has used Moms On Call has wished that they would have started it sooner or knew about it for their previous kids. I'm not joking when I say it's by far the best thing we have done for Tyson.......and ourselves.

To give you an idea of what Moms on Call is, basically it is a program created by two Pediatric Nurses who are also moms (both of them have also had twins so there are sections specific to twins). Their program covers everything from getting your baby to sleep through the night, eating/napping schedules, and soothing techniques to potty training and tantrum / time out (aka simmer time) advice for toddlers. We started their program about a month after Ty was born and have stuck to it ever since. Tyson was sleeping through the night by 2.5 months and has stuck to their schedule like a champ. I love it because it's not like those over intense programs that say let your kid sit there and cry forever. They're moms so they know the balance between a little bit of fussiness and needing to comfort your baby. They are also realistic about how crazy busy a day can get, so their daily schedules are flexible. Click Here to learn more about their program. We did the online course the first two sections and I'm glad we did because the video tutorials were super helpful. I also keep their app on my phone which has been a godsend! It gives you an ideal daily schedule for your kiddo depending on their age and an option for a busy day which just shows which key feedings and nap times they should get to get a good rest at night. I'm telling you this program is mind blowing .....LOVE IT!!!!!!

Being a mom is hard work. It's a total lifestyle adjustment, so why not make it easier on yourself and your baby? Kids love schedules and routines. Tyson gets excited every night to start his bedtime routine of a bath, bottle/snuggle, and tuck in for bed. Eric and I have talked to every parent we know about this program just because of how amazing it has been for us. I'm not being paid or sponsored to share this post which I think just goes to show how amazing this program really is. 

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