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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Floral Dresses in Bluebonnet Fields

When I was expecting, I did a post with this amazing floral dress Here. Now that it's Spring, I've been wearing it a lot lately and get stopped pretty regularly by ladies asking where they can get one. This is one of those pieces I love because you can wear it pregnant or not and it looks gorgeous regardless, it feels like you're wearing a nightgown, and I can move around with Tyson and not feel like I have to keep adjusting my clothes. I've found that "momiform" pieces are a must! Check out Shop Pink Blush Here for similar looks (This one is currently sold out, but they have the same dress in different colors)!

Dress: Pink Blush (Sold Out) Love this one though!

As a side note, this bluebonnet field is right across the street from the elementary school I went to  in Boerne Texas. Growing up I never considered where I lived a small town but coming back from the big ATL I realized how TINY it really is!! I'm obsessed with the small town vibe. There's nothing quite like walking down Main Street, shopping the boutiques, and running into so many familiar faces.

I had to get a few pics of Ty without his helmet on. Every night when we take it off before bath time, he rubs all over his head like it's the coolest feeling in the world. FREEDOM!!!! I was so glad I was able to capture the cuteness of it.

Love this little chunk! His outfit was found at a baby consignment shop. The top is Carter's and shorts were from H&M (Click here to get his shorts. Only $7 new!) . Check out some of my H&M summer shopping cart items for him ( here , here , here , and here )

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