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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Welcoming Summer

We are SOOOOOOOOOOO  excited for summer to be here already! I mean really ready for it to already be summer. I've always loved pineapples. They remind me of summer laying on the beach and they're cute decorations, but I never really understood the significance of them until we took a road trip last year to Savannah GA. 

So Savannah is an adorable place period but there is so much history there and I'm kinda really nerdy when it comes to that kind of thing. To make a Looong story short, pineapples were used as a sign of welcome in the homes in Savannah. Home owners would put a pineapple on their stoop as a symbol to let people know they were accepting visitors. They'd also use them as a centerpiece at important dinner festivities. There's more to it than that going back when Colombus brought one back to Spain as a souvenir. They became a delicacy in Spain and England so the wealthy would set them out as a sign of hospitality, generosity, and wealth. If you're just dying to learn more you can look up the history online. I just love them so why not take a pic of one in front of a cool graffiti wall in Downtown Atlanta?

Outfit Details:

Top: Express (this one is in store only but the striped one is here)
Pants: Citizens of Humanity here
Shoes: Converse Slip-Ons here
Shades: Ray-Ban here
Jewelry: Sold Out here

Ty's Outfit

Helmet: To help round out his noggin Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Shirt: Charlie and Chomper (custom request ask for one for your kiddo!!)
Shorts: Target here
Shoes: Converse-Old (cousin's old shoes) Similar here

 This Summer we plan on spending every possible minute near water. I don't care if it's a neighborhood pool, splash pad, waterpark, beach......the list goes on. As long as I'm splashing with this little guy it will be a good summer. We went to the park today and could only play on the swing set for 15 min because it just got too hot! I ended up taking Ty's helmet off for a little bit to help cool him down. Poor guy was so sweaty. I think we'll be trying to do cooler activities until the helmet comes off. 4 weeks and counting!!!! As excited as I am for it to come off, he's just gotten used to it being a bumper.  It's starting to get small little scuffs where he rams into the coffee table or just decides to fall over on the wood floor so he can play on his belly. I have a feeling I'm going to be a helicopter mom for the first few weeks.

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