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Friday, July 22, 2016

Competition Prep Update and 4 Tips to Prepare Yourself Mentally for Competition Prep

I'm just under 5 weeks out from my first NPC bikini competition! You can see event details here. I really can't believe I'm in the final stretch of this prep! It has definitely been a growing experience for me up to this point. I feel like I have grown as a person physically (obviously) but also mentally. It's been more of a recent thing that I've started to notice the mental toughness of prep life. I can only control myself though. I mean knowing that I'm about to get on stage and be judged based on the way my physique and stage presence is, is freaking intimidating!!! I'm a super competitive person, so although I know that the likelihood of me placing at my first competition is low.....I still want to be a contender! It's hard not to compare yourself to other girls doing the same thing you are and not to completely beat yourself up if you go off your diet (even if it's for an allowed cheat meal). Getting too mentally obsessed is just as unhealthy to me as not being proactive physically (I hope that makes sense lol) There's a balance to everything and it's important to find those boundaries for yourself which is why competing isn't for everyone. You have to mentally be in the right place just as much as you do physically.

4 Tips to prepare yourself mentally for Competition Process.

1. We are all different. God made us that way on purpose and we all have different strengths and flaws. If you are wanting to compete, start off knowing this and know that you are going to progress differently than other girls and that's ok. Don't compare your weaknesses to others strengths. More than likely they are doing the same thing to you.

2. Give yourself enough time for prep. I'm sure it's possible to prep for a show 6 weeks out, but I'm also sure that that would be a nightmare. If you want to maintain a healthy mindset about competing and fitness, you need to prep in a healthy way. Crash diets may initially get you the physical look you're going for but I just feel like that would mess with my head a lot and not give me the balanced lifestyle I'm looking for. I've learned so much about nutrition and overall health through this process that I'll keep with me and make as a lifestyle that I didn't before. Crash plans won't give you that sustainability.

3. Realize that show day is just that......a show. You are working out ridiculously hard and towards the end of prep really trimming down so that by show day your muscles pop. Looking stage ready everyday (for me at least) isn't realistic. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking to stay in amazing shape after the show and not blow up double fisting Krispy Kremes, but to be that lean everyday as a lifestyle wouldn't be healthy for me to do. Have realistic expectations for yourself during and after the process.

4. You probably won't win your first show. I know this is a tough one to think about because I mean why would I compete in something if I didn't think I would win?  Of course I would LOVE to win the whole show I mean who wouldn't!? My coach brought up a good point though, there are girls that have been doing this for a long time that have had longer to prep, know their bodies a little better and what they're capable of, and because they've been doing this longer they have had more time to really build that muscle up. There are girls on my team that have quite a bit more muscle than I do, but it's not because I'm not working as hard as they are, they've been at it longer than me. It's just important to know that even if you don't win or place your first time that it doesn't necessarily mean you aren't in great shape. It just means that you get to build on what you learned from your first show for the next one and so on. Find the silver lining.

Whether you decide you'd like to compete or not, it's really important for you to make sure you are in the right mindset about anything you do. Dieting and working out are the best things in the world for your body but if not done in the right mindset and in the right way can be damaging. Know yourself and know what your boundaries are. If you need professional help to find a healthy way to go about reaching your goals do it! You're worth it. It is possible to reach your goals in a healthy way. Nothing worth doing is easy, but it is worth it. Don't trust those  quick fix get rich gimmicks that's not a sustainable way of living.

You can read why I decided to start competition prep in my post: 

I'm now looking ahead to where I want to take my fitness journey, and as of right now I'd love to make bikini competitions a part of my life not just a one time thing. I've really enjoyed having a deadline of sorts to bounce back from post pregnancy life. After Ropemans Elite Coastal USA here in Atlanta, the plan is to attend the Music City Muscle Competition this November in Nashville. After that we'll see where we go! If you're looking for fitness or other events near you, check out eventbrite on instagram, or if you're looking to start up your own local event/conference make sure you check out their management website here

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