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Monday, September 12, 2016

Top 10 Pointers For First Time Bikini Competitors

I am still in awe from the results of my first NPC competition! Going into the competition I really tried to mentally be in a place where no matter what the results were, I made it to the stage. I already won. I'm a different person now than I was when I started. No matter what the judges decided, I was happy and confident with myself and that's truly what's important. For me to mentally be in this place is a big accomplishment in and of itself for me. The fact that I actually got 1st place in my division still blows my mind!

After completing my first prep and having stepped on stage and gotten that first experience under my belt, I wanted to share my top 10 things I've learned or gained a new appreciation for throughout this process.

1. Haters Gonna Hate. There are some people that will call you vain, self-obsessed, and roll their eyes at your journey, progress pics, and accomplishments. Let them. You aren't doing this for them. You are doing something amazing that few people dream of even attempting. Good for you! Not only that, by you showing your progress and your end results, you are motivating people you didn't know followed your journey. I've had multiple people reach out to me to let me know that because of what they've seen me do, they have felt like they can make a change for themselves. I can't tell you what that's meant to me. I post progress pictures not only to hold myself accountable for the goals I've set, but also with hopes that at least one person is motivated to make a difference. There will always be someone looking to bring you down. They're not worth your time. Don't be scared to do something great because of what other people might think of you.

2. Food Porn is real! I never understood this and really thought the idea was stupid. It wasn't until I started dieting that I truly appreciated Food Porn and all its chocolatey fudgey oozy goodness! There is something so satisfying about about scrolling through pinterest and drooling over desserts that you just know you'd need a cup of milk with because it's so rich. A few of my favorites are here, here, and here. Right before bed I can't tell you how many times Eric has rolled over to me scrolling through desserts and said "are you serious?" lol my baking board is ridiculous.....I'll just leave it at that.

3. Visualization is key.  During my morning cardio sessions particularly while I had my headphones in listening to my playlists, I would visualize how I wanted to look walking across the stage for the first time. I tried to picture my walk, my smile, my posing.....everything. Doing this so often along with actual practice made the moment I stepped on stage more exciting than terrifying. Visualize yourself as you want to be over and over again.

4. Invest in a coach. Having someone that can be blunt and honest with you about your progress and what you need to work on is key. You don't need to pay someone to tell you that you look great and your posing is flawless. You need someone to push you to that next level and not settle for where you're at. That being said, not all personalities work out with each other. I was with one coach at the beginning of my prep and we just never clicked, so I switched teams and I am sooooooo glad I did! Having a great coach that motivates you to want to be better and will acknowledge the improvements that you're making is gold in my eyes. (If you're looking for someone to guide you through your prep check out @musclebymones on Instagram. He knows what he's doing!!)

5. Spend wisely. There are a few things that are worth the investment. Tanning and Makeup to me are worth it. Day of you don't want to worry about the hassle. I tried doing my own makeup and about had a meltdown. I've never tried matching foundation to a crazy competition tan so it turned out suuuuper orange with blotchy brown spots. I was sooooo stressed! After all my hard work I was going to look like a fool because my makeup looked ridiculous! Luckily the sweetest makeup artist in the world took pity on me and helped me fix it. I'm totally indebted to her lol! Suits can range anywhere from $200-$1500. To be perfectly honest, especially for your first competition I personally don't think you need to spend over $400 tops. My suit was custom made for $250 all said and done and I LOVE it!! I got it from Barely Visible Bikinis and it took them two weeks to have it ready for me. My heels I found on Amazon for $25. You'll want to stay at about a 5 inch heel. Jewelry I got from Icing at the mall for $30. I did my own hair and kept it straight. I've heard from multiple people that down and natural is the best way to go and I'm glad I did. It was easy and I didn't need to worry about it messing up throughout the day.

6. Be Patient and Positive. Change takes time!.... Well let's be honest negative change doesn't take all that long. If you eat like crap today, you know you're going to see it in your love handles tomorrow lol! There are times that you may feel like you've hit a plateau or are not seeing the progress you hoped. I went through that. Everyone does at some point! Take pictures and measurements throughout this process. It will amaze you how much you do change. To us it's so gradual so you might not notice it as quickly as someone who hasn't seen you in a couple weeks. You are changing though don't get down on yourself or blame your coach. They know what they're doing. Just trust the process and stay on track. On that same note, everyone messes up at some point in their prep. I did really good until it got closer to the end which is so backwards but if you go off your diet instead of killing yourself over it, jump right back on the train and maybe do a little extra cardio the next couple days lol. Don't let that be a crutch though. Even though people mess up, don't let that be an excuse or an allowance. All I'm saying is stick to your plan but if you do mess up don't spiral or beat yourself up just push harder. Something that helped me when I was feeling weak was to think about the other girls that were working just as hard as I was if not harder and it made that sweet a lot less appetizing.

7. Be Confident. I heard this quote earlier today and loved it! "The only way you can let someone else's confidence bother you is if you struggle with your own." Isn't that so true? This kind of ties in to point #1, but the way you feel about yourself is visible to those around you. If I don't feel like I belong next to the other girls on stage, how can I expect the judges to look at me like I do? You carry yourself differently when you're confident. It comes across in your smile, your attitude, and in your posing. If you struggle with confidence practice!! Posting progress pictures can be hard to do! It was for me. I for the most part consider myself to be a little more reserved but once I started putting myself out there, I noticed I started to feel more and more confident about my progress and appearance. I started to not care as much what other people thought of me or my motives. If they think I'm self-obsessed that's their issue to work through not mine. I genuinely think putting my goals, struggles, and progress out for my friends and family to see helped me come to that confident place once it came time to really be judged.

8. Show Gratitude to your support team. You are not the only one making sacrifices to be able to compete. Your friends and family are right there next to you sacrificing in their own way. With Tyson, every week my mother-in-law would watch him so I could go train and practice with my coach. Every Saturday when we usually do yard work and spend time as a family, Eric watched Tyson for a couple hours so I could go train more and practice posing. This is a sacrifice because #1 we weren't together and #2 Saturday is really Eric's only day to be able to get things done that he would like to do because of how hard he works all week to make sure I'm able to be a stay at home mom for Tyson. Poor Eric, lol he's also had to put up with my hangry self and been brave enough to get close to me when I felt like I would kill for a piece of chocolate! He's the real champ! The day of the actual competition, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law took Tyson alllllll day and it was a long day starting at 6 am -12am. The people supporting you are making sacrifices in their own way, so make sure you let them know how much you appreciate them.

9. Have Fun!!! After everything, all the training, all the dieting, and all the money....... have fun! As long as the actual competition day was, it was so fun! I met so many amazing women that were so accomplished in other areas of their lives. I met single moms, entrepreneurs, other stay at home moms, career women. There are so many great women out there looking to build each other up it is so inspiring to me. Go into your first competition with the attitude of yes I'm here to compete but I'm also here to grow. You look amazing, you did so much hard work, you already won. Be confident and proud with what you're bringing so it doesn't matter if you place or not. Your first competition is about getting the experience under your belt and being open to growing from there. Just have fun and enjoy it!

10. Post Competition Binging....... This was not my brightest moment.... After depriving myself of treats for 4+ months, I ate and ate......and ate some more. Yes I think it's totally fine to give yourself a day of eating what you want after you go through something that extreme but really cut yourself off after that day. I was dumb and kind of continued that binge eating lifestyle for a few days like a week and the weight comes back FAST! After everything you've done to get to the stage why in the world would you go backwards? IDK.....If I could go back this is the biggest thing I would change because I'm still struggling with cravings because I allowed myself to eat so much crap. Learn from me and don't make that mistake!

I originally thought I was going to prep again for a competition this coming October but recently decided with Eric that I needed to go into off season and focus on growing for future seasons. I'm excited to see myself grow and improve which is another awesome thing about this sport. You just get better and better as you go. To all those considering competing, what's holding you back? This has been one of the most liberating experiences I've had in a long time and I'm totally addicted! You can do it! 
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  1. I really admire your confidence and the way you're going after something you are passionate about without worrying about what anyone else thinks. Love your mindset!

    1. Hey girl! Thanks so much for your positivity! It means so much to me to meet other people who have that same mindset!


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