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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Weekend Event Recap Feat. The B Firm PR

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending an amazing luncheon hosted by The B Firm PR called Erica's Table of 20. The purpose of this luncheon was to bring together a group of 20 individuals to network and inspire each other. It was so great to be able to connect with so many like minded individuals in Atlanta that I wouldn't have met otherwise. I met everyone from other bloggers, a producer for BET, to a single mom running an amazing candle company. I'm serious y'all need to check out her candles here! I have the Cranberry Marmalade one and it smells divine. These would be perfect for obviously your home but also in housewarming gift baskets, for clients (which you can customize with your own label), or as just because gifts.

Everything about this event was great from the decor, to the delicious food from Nieman Marcus, and I CANNOT leave out the Sprinkles cupcakes lol because I don't know anyone that hasn't liked a Sprinkles cupcake (Just saying)... I have to say though that from the whole experience probably my favorite part was the positive encouraging message Ashley Jernigan from the B Firm shared.

I wanted to highlight my top three takeaways from her speech below with my thoughts on them.

1. Don't just do your job

In her speech, Ashley mentioned being proactive and learning different aspects of the business she was in to grow and broaden her grasp of what was needed by the company. This is great advice because A. talk about job stability, and B. if you're like me not working in a  corporate paying job, I like to try and apply business recommendations to my "career" as a stay at home mom and as an Advisor for Advocare but I want to focus on my mom job. Don't just go through the motions. Look for ways to make your role more meaningful and explore different hobbies/skills. This is going to benefit both you and your family.

2. Volunteer to advance your career.

The example she used in her talk was that she volunteered with an organization that allowed her to learn to run events and market for the organization which helped her become known in her community and benefited her career by being able to bring new learned skills and connections to her workplace. Once again, I try to apply these ideas to my life. Volunteering and becoming more involved in your communities will always benefit you and the people you serve. Service helps bring to light the things that are important in life; bringing families together and helping God's children better their lives.

3. Don't give anyone an excuse to not hire you.

 If you are going above and beyond with your work ethic, you've made a point to specialize in valuable skill sets, and have the desire to soak up more information and are teachable.....who wouldn't want to hire you!? Momma version..... I mean I have a few Stay at Home Moms that either have blogs I came across or that I know personally that are amazing in certain areas that I look up to and want to learn from. I have a mom friend that is soooo organized and keeps her house immaculate. I have a friend who could run Pinterest on her own that always makes every occasion for her kids so magical and crafty. I have a friend who has the best behaved kids I have ever seen. I want to learn from these moms. I want to pick their brains and better myself after seeing what they can do. So even though in the mommy world you might not be "hired" you can be a resource.

Make sure to check out Erica's new book Faith It, Until You Make It about overcoming obstacles and leaning on your faith on your path to success

All in all it was a great uplifting event that I was fortunate enough to attend. Meeting and connecting with people who want to uplift and better the people around them is inspiring and motivating to do more and be more. I want to be the person to help inspire moms and others to do more and be more. If you are thinking the same thing I am, what are we doing to be that person?

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