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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Toy Story Birthday (Tyson Turns 2)

 Y'all our little Tyson is 2!!!! I am still in denial about this, but we had so much fun celebrating our little man this past weekend! He was so excited to see all the Toy Story decorations and kept running in the dining room pointing at the backdrop and said Woody WOODY!!!! He loved that he got to be Buzz (Buzz is his idol you can watch our Disney Trip where he meets Buzz here ) He would point to his shirt and say I Buzz I Buzz (everything is said twice and I love it!) 

Anyways I wanted to share with y'all some of the fun details from his party to hopefully give you some ideas for your little Buzz, Woody, or Jesse!!

 Oriental Trading Company made a lot of these cute details possible and sent me some amazing products to review however, all the opinions expressed in this post are my own. For example, the cow print plastic table cloths for the food was from Oriental and the blue backdrop was made using this Light Blue Plastic Tablecloth Roll. It made putting the backdrop up super easy and I still had quite a bit left over for our next event!! I just stuck it to the wall with tacky-tac to not leave any marks or affect the paint. Make sure you check out Oriental Trading Company's Toy Story page here for more inspiration!

How cute is this cake!? I'm the type of person who sees an idea on Pinterest and thinks......I could do that.....BUT the reality is I would get way to frustrated and my cake would turn out NOTHING like this lol. Thank goodness for talented friends who make Pinterest worthy creations! This cake was made by King's Cakes and tasted as good as it looks! We chose to do a confetti birthday cake with vanilla mouth is watering typing this. 

Speaking of things tasting as good as they look, y'all these cookies!!! I got these from The Bakesmith and I'm pretty sure Tyson ate the majority of them before any of the guests could try them but they were AMAZING!! You can also follow her on Instagram @tiffanythebakesmith so many gorgeous (delicious) creations!

I'm sure you've heard about the cricut or the silhouette which can cut out lettering and cute designs but have y'all heard of the Brother Scan and Cut?! My friend was so sweet and helped me cut out ALLLLL the lettering and clouds for this party with her Scan and Cut and let's just say I know what I'm asking Santa for this Christmas. Basically all you have to do is find an image online of what you want and it will cut it for you so no buying additional fonts or images. It was mind blowing! Anyways for the Pizza Planet sign Eric drew the rocket out for me on foam board because I can be artistically challenged...sooo I cut it out, used a vinyl cut out from the scan and cut for the lettering, and hand cut the red tails from red poster board. The lettering and clouds were all made from the scan and cut using scrap book paper and cardstock.

When choosing what food to have, we knew Pizza Planet delivery needed to be included. We also wanted to make sure Slinky's Pasta Salad, and Al's Cheese Puffs had a spot. For drinks we had Alien Slime from Pizza Planet (I used this recipe here) and water in drink dispensers in the kitchen.

This is the best family photo we could get at the party lol

 No Toy Story Party is complete without sergeant and his men sneaking down from the second floor to get a peak at what new toys Tyson got! I found the jumprope from the dollar store and the amazing green army men from Oriental Trading Company. I did look on Amazon but you get sooooooo much more for your money using Oriental Trading. I used them on the cupcakes (washed them first), hot glued to the jump rope, and as extra fillers in the treat bags. Tyson still has left over guys to play with that he loves lining up on the coffee table. For the cupcakes, I used this recipe for the cake and this one for the icing. The camo liners I found at Hobby Lobby.

There's nothing sweeter to me than watching Ty tell his friends thank you and giving them hugs. Mommy heart melts every time!

Y'all I had a lot of fun with these treat bags and claw machine! For the bags I used these Lime Green Craft Bags. Once again using the Scan and Cut, we cut and glued the alien eyes on looking up at the CLAWWWWWW. For the filler we used these sheriff badges, Toy Story Stickers, Infinity and Beyond Pencils, Army Men Erasers, and assorted candies. The claw was made by me (so proud) using cardboard and foil. For the Space Ship, I used red Christmas Wrapping paper. Just thinking out of the box!

 Happy Birthday Tyson! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and had so much fun watching you fly around the house with your friends. You are going to be the best big brother! Baby boy is so lucky to get to have you to look up to! Happy Birthday my little Buzz


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