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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

3 Tips To Turn Your Tough Mom Day Around

We've officially hit the 37 week marker and baby can come any time! (Insert both excited and terrified emojis). If this were Tyson, he would be here in just two more weeks. I'm curious to see when this little guy will make his debut. Currently the daily feels go something like this...."keep cooking until your due date little man I've got lots I want to get done before you get here.".... 12 minutes later....."tonight...tonight would be good." I'm just ready to start the recovery and feel somewhat normal again. There are days I feel awesome and can get a lot done and there are other days that are just tough. 

This got me thinking about tough days in general. I mean we all have them. Specifically as a mom though, I feel like there are times I'll have a tough day  then throw on Mom guilt on top of that and I just wish I could start the day over. On days like this there are a few things I've learned that help me change my attitude/outlook and make the best of what I have left in the day. 

Quick side note on Mom guilt before I get into what I do to turn my day around. Mom guilt to me doesn't just have to be not feeling like a good "mom" sometimes I'll feel Mom guilt when ty and I have spent all day doing fun stuff and nothing on my to-do list is done or I'll feel it if I've spent too much time running errands and getting things done instead of playing with my little guy. To me it's just the feeling that you're lacking or letting your family down in one area or another. I hope that makes sense. 

1. On days where I feel exhausted and feel like I've been busy all day but cant think of one thing I've actually gotten done. This one is so frustrating to me because when I don't feel like I've accomplished at least one thing I feel like I've wasted the day. This was especially the case for me when I first started staying home with Ty. It was hard for me to transition from working full time to staying home and finding my new normal. I'd think about my day and be like.."k I've fed baby and changed diapers today....but what have I gotten done!?"

When these days strike, I find the best thing for me to do is open my planner (I use the Start Planner and love it) to today's section and at the bottom I have a space for notes. In this section I will start at the beginning of my day and literally write down every little small thing I did throughout the day and sometimes even about how much time I spent doing it. For example "played with Ty for 30min". When I take the time to write out and visually see what my day consisted of I feel really good about it. I may not have checked off some major to-do items but I did dedicate my time in other needed worth while areas that most of the time go unseen and unheard. 

2. The days where I get a lot done but feel guilty that I might not have focused as much attention as I should have on Ty. This Mom guilt thing kills me and makes me think I'm depriving him in some way or being selfish. 

There are a couple things I do when I have days that I feel this way. 1. Whenever I get this feeling no matter how much I still need to do (and there are days you just gotta get it done) I'll pause and set my timer on my phone for even just 10-15 min and get on the floor to play with ty. Once the timer goes off it's back to work. 2. I make a plan for the next day to do an activity just for ty whether it's the park, the library, whatever. Just something where the goal is just to have fun. What I've come to learn is balance everyday is impossible. The way I've started to look at balance is more on a weekly basis rather than daily. If I can look back on my week and feel like I've done a good job being a mom, a wife, housekeeper, book keeper, blah,blah,blah....I feel accomplished. If I focus too much on one day chances are I'm going to be let down because there are days that each area may need a little more focus than the others. Putting the pressure on myself to give 100% in each area everyday isn't fair and it's not fair for you to do either. If you struggle with this like I did (and sometimes still do) I really want you to try this method. It's made me a lot happier and subsiquently more productive because I'm spending less time worrying about what I "should be doing"

3. There are just some days you just feel gross and you can't put a finger on why you feel that way. You just do. On these days I tend to move slower, not be as productive, or playful. I just "don't want to adult" ya feel me? Although I'm all for recognizing when you need some TLC sometimes it just can't happen when you want it to. So plan a pedicure or something for after the kids go down but until that time....

Shower! Get out of your leggings (even if they're the cute ones), put some makeup on,  and get ready for the day. When I don't get dressed for the day I feel gross. Even if it's later in the day because it's been a busy day, I still try to shower and put some makeup on. It makes me feel fresh and ready to go. Putting time into getting yourself ready is a way of carving out even just a tiny bit of time for you (which is important). There was a lady I really admired and one of the things she said about being a stay at home mom is you have to treat it like a job because it IS your job. You wouldn't show up to work in your pajamas with your hair a mess. It's the same concept. Get ready and you'll feel better.

Clean! I notice for me I feel gross when I feel like my house is dirty or cluttered. If I wake up in the morning to a sink full of yesterday's dishes I feel behind for the day and as weird as it sounds it really does make me feel gross. To avoid this every night before bed I do a quick tidy up at least in the kitchen so I'm not waking up to a mess. Listen, I don't necessarily want to clean it up before bed but I also don't want to deal with it first thing in the morning. I might as well get it out of the way and start the day fresh. This reminds me. First thing in the morning, make your bed! Your room should be a retreat not a dumping ground. I love this commencement speech given to A&M. If you follow me on IG ( @carefreeblonde2) you probably will recognize a quote I used from this speech about making your bed. 

Pray, read your scriptures, or read/listen to self improvement articles. I can't help but feel like I can take on anything the day has to throw at me after I'm spiritually uplifted. A book I absolutely love that you need to read is called For The Love. Basically it's all about giving yourself grace (cutting yourself some slack) in this picture perfect alternate reality we all get sucked into with social media. One of my absolute favorites.

Then, at the end of the day.... Dad comes home and this is how we feel. I love watching these two together. There's something so amazing about the way a little boy looks at his dad. Dad's truly are superheroes to their kids.....and to mommy when dad gets home and says to go take a bath or run to the store childless. Pure super hero in my opinion.

Hopefully this helps some of you out that might be having a hard time and not sure how to shake it off. These things are obviously just what works for me. I would love to hear from you what you do to turn your day around!

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  1. These photos are amazing! And these are all awesome tips! You are such a good mama!

    1. Paige you are so sweet. Thank you so much for your comment! I feel the same way when I read your posts!

  2. Amazing photo shoot! And yes planners are a saviour for moms!

    1. Thank you so much! I love lifestyle photos. They are my fave! Planners really are saviors lol I'm lost without mine!


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