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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ultimate Hospital Bag List

Ultimate Hospital Bag

We are in full time baby prep mode over here y'all. I swear, it just feels like this little guy is going to come any day which excites me but also has me freaking out a little. I think the thing I'm most nervous for is just starting over and finding our new routine. Our new normal. Ty and I are so routine I get nervous how it's going to be when that goes out the window and we start over. 

I'm just trying to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before little man number two makes his debut. The fact that I'm about to have 2 kids and a house full of boys still blows my mind. I don't know, it's like I feel like a legit adult or something lol. I remember looking at moms with two or more kids and they just seemed so old. It's weird hitting that phase where I'm the adult or the old one. Isn't life crazy!?

One of the big things on my to-do list is putting together my labor and hospital bag. Did you know it's a good idea to have both? I didn't.... With Tyson I had no idea you couldn't bring your hospital bag in until you were in the recovery room (at least where I deliver). Unfortunately all of my books, phone charger, and etc were in my hospital bag and we were in the delivery room right around 12 hours and I wish I had something to do in there. Moral of the story for first time mamas. Pack a small bag for labor just in case it doesn't happen super quick!

Labor Bag:

Magazines ( Loving the Magnolia Journal but who isn't?)
Extra Long Phone Charger
Peppermints (A friend suggested this to help with thirst and give a little extra energy)

Hospital Bag:


Comfy loose fitting pajamas
Robe (wish I had this the first time)
Comfy loose fitting bralettes (I found these at Costco)
Black tshirt dress for going home

After Math

Lanolin Cream
Disposable Nursing Pads
Depends (I fought this one at first but they made a WORLD of difference..don't wait. pack them)
Antiseptic itch spray
Hand Sanitizer


Old Navy Flip Flops
Shampoo and Conditioner
Bio Oil


Dry shampoo
Makeup Basics
Blow dryer
Hair clips/elastics
Overnight moisture mask (b/c my skin gets super dry and I love overnight hydration masks)
Tooth brush/Tooth Paste

Noms ( I was starving and thirsty 24/7)

Trail mix
Water bottle


Stocking Kit ( I make our family Christmas Stockings. See Tyson's here)


Swaddle blankets
Velcro swaddle
Burp cloths
Gas drops/gripe water
Nursing pillow
Noise machine (ty was fussy without one)
Long sleeve pj onesies with hand covers
Going home outfit ( simple and easy..not lots of buttons or anything complicated)

K looking back over the list it does look a little excessive BUT with Ty I did a ton of research and  tried to go the minimalist route. If I'm honest, I was uncomfortable, hungry, and bored. There were multiple times I wish I would have brought something but didn't have it. Could I have sent family for it? Yes, but I didn't want them going back and forth and I wanted them there with me! Everything in this list is either what I did bring with Ty or things I wish I would have had.


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  1. I've been thinking about writing my own hospital bag post. Not because I'm pregnant or have a baby! But I get regular medical treatments at the hospital that are administered by IV, so I spend a few hours at the hospital on a regular basis. I pack a lot less snacks now that I'm able to schedule my appointments during my husband's lunch hour. He brings me Chick-fil-A. :) I bring multiple chargers (my iPhone charger, a micro-USB charger that works for my portable charger and my Kindle, plus my portable charger). And tons of entertainment besides my phone and my Kindle.

    1. You should! I'm sure there are a lot of people that would really appreciate it! I have to agree 100% about entertainment though, you can only be on your phone or magazine for so long before you just want to do something else! Thanks so much for your comment I really appreciate it!


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