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Friday, October 27, 2017

Help Your Toddler Transition to a New Baby

The days can go by slow sometimes but the months and years are already flying by. Saying this I feel like I'm already in my sixties trying to tell y'all to slow down and enjoy. In reality I'm here at 28 with a house full of boys. Ty is 2 and y'all....Case just turned one month today!!! It's the craziest feeling in the world. I can't believe it's already been a month with our sweet squishy boy.

At first I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time! I felt guilty that I was some how depriving Ty because my time wasn't 100% on him. It was really hard for me. In reality Ty loves having Case around and wants "baby" wherever he goes. Every time we leave the house he's the one to make sure Case is coming too. "Baby too?" I think he likes having a buddy in the backseat with him. The trick for Ty was to make him feel like he was helping with Case. He "helps" mommy hold case, gets the diaper and wipes for him, and pets his feet when he cries until I get there. Now I know I'm fortunate that Ty is a sweet boy but making him feel a part of the process has made him feel important which I think is crucial when bringing a little one home.

Before Case was born, I had a good friend of mine tell me her husband takes the older child on "dates" once baby gets home so they still have special one on one time. We started implementing this as soon as Case came home, and to be honest, I haven't had any issues with Ty getting jealous. The only time Ty didn't want me to hold baby was after one nap where he just was fussy and had a hard time waking up. Other than that, he hasn't ever been aggressive or been mad at me for not paying attention to him. I think a big part of this is 1.) Not ignoring him or constantly tell him to go play when I'm holding Case. I'll set Case down to play with Ty if he's starting to act like he needs attention. Watch for their cues. I really don't feel like your kids are trying to bug or annoy you. They just want to feel like they're still important to you too and 2. Making special time to do something specifically for Tyson (not errands or anything like that). Eric has taken him out to Catch Air, the park, and to get treats. On each of these outings we talk about how fun it is to have special Tyson and Daddy boy time because of how much he helps Mommy with Case.

Each Monday night we try to have Family Home Evening F.H.E.. Weeks get chaotic and busy, but Monday is our time to set other things aside and focus on each other. During this time we do a spiritual thought but then try to do something fun together. Ty had been wanting to go bowling since his cousin's birthday, so this last Monday that was our activity. We had so much fun and making this time for our boys and each other is important to show what and who is truly important. Now I'm not saying to just do whatever your toddler wants when he wants that (because that becomes an issue in a different way right!?) I'm saying recognize as hard as it is on you, it's tough for them too. Put yourself in their shoes and how you'd want to still feel important too.

What are some ways you've helped your toddler transition to be the big sibling? Comment below so we can help each other out!!

Photos taken by Greta Starbuck

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