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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Step Right Up! Trunk or Treat

Step right up, come inside; once you do, there's no where to hide...... Muahahaha
 We're dying to see you.

Trunk or Treat!!!! Who's ready to get their Halloween candy game on! I know we are! I partnered with Oriental Trading Co. To bring you a spooktacular idea to be the Trunk to beat at your upcoming Halloween Party! 

There's always been something so eery to me about the circus and carnivals. One of the reasons probably being clowns. I mean in reality that's the main reason. Y'all I hate clowns so this Ring Leader will not be dressing my kiddos up as any sort of clown this Halloween. I could just see myself running away from my two year old as he's trying to give me a hug or something. Definitely would win mother of the year for we'll just steer clear lol.

How fun is this set up though!? The best part is it's super easy to set up so you won't be out for hours before. All I did was take this Big Top Terror Plastic Tablecloth and tape it to the back of the Step Right up Sign (currently sold out but from Oriental Trading Inc. as well. Here's a giant creepy clown one though ). I just used tacky tac and tape on the back of the sign to attach it to a box on the trunk to keep it upright and support the weight.

To add extra fun we dressed Mr. Bones up in this Carnival Hat and Bow tie to sell tickets for our deadly performances. Last I added some posters for our side shows and viola! If you want to be extra amazing, you can even add carnival games. They have a lot of fun ideas here.

Now for my costume, I knew I needed to be the ring leader. After all I'm in a house of all boys! Someones gotta keep it in line lol jk....pretty sure Ty is the one keeping us in order. He told me yesterday in the car. "No dance mama no sing". So I'm already embarrassing him which is awesome but he's keeping me in check! Anyways... I found this silk top hat from Oriental Trading Co. and built my costume around that. The only other thing I bought for this costume was this Red Ring Leader blazer (pic and link below). The boots are from an old pirate costume (that I spent way too much on in college) and then I'm just wearing black skinnies and a T-shirt. Simple and perfect! To finish the carni look, I used an old popcorn bowl I've had since college as the candy bowl. Look around your house and get creative with what your treats are in. You can have so much fun with a themed trunk. The kids will love it!!!

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  1. This is seriously the most amazing trunk I've ever seen! You nailed it!


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