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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide With Jord Watches

This blog is in partnership with Jord Watches. All photos and opinions are my own. Make sure you scroll to the bottom for a $100 credit giveaway!!

Since becoming a mother, and now as we grow our family, I have an all new respect for time. I honestly never thought much about it before having kids, but now it really just hits me what a true gift it is. Thinking about Mother's Day around the corner and how time is so precious (specifically for moms) I just started thinking of a Mother's Day gift guide centered around it. Let's be honest one of my favorite gifts from Eric is when he tells me to go take some time from myself. I don't care if that's me getting my nails done, going shopping, or soaking in the tub. Being able to sneak an hour or two is golden.

So whether you are trying to find a meaningful Mother's Day gift for your mom, mom figure, a mom in need of some TLC, or are trying the not so subtle hint to your hubby (feel free to send him this post), this is the gift guide for you!!

A Sentimental Gift:

1. I love the idea of gifting a gorgeous time piece like the one I'm wearing. You can find it here. Personalize it with your own custom watch engraving to let the mama in your life know how much you appreciate them and the time they dedicate to your family. I'm a sucker for sentimental gifts like this. Every time I see this watch I think of how wonderful it is to be a mom and how precious our time is. It just goes by way too fast.

2. Find a favorite hobby or activity your mom enjoys and create your own personalized gift basket. My mom loves having a fresh vegetable garden, so a couple years ago I created this garden and outdoor themed basket.

A Time Saving Gift:

Any of the following would be a great gift for a busy mom on the go!

1. A one time professional house deep cleaning service

2. Get mom's car detailed. We all know the family car can get a little messy. This will be such a great surprise.

3. Some sort of home meal delivery. This can be semi prepared like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef or completely taken care of like Instead of Flowers (This is also a great idea for a new mom!) Not having to worry about a dinner is an amazing gift. Trust me!

A Gift of Mommy Time:

A mom needs some fun too right!? I would LOVE any of the following. Sometimes some of the best gifts are the ones that create memories.

1.  Spa Day!! Whether to you this is a full day at the spa, a massage, or even a mani pedi, giving mom some time to relax and focus on herself will be well received. Last year my sister and I both went in on a gift card for our mom to a local Spa in Texas which was fun especially because she usually doesn't do that kind of thing for herself. Side note. If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for a good massage, check out my post here!

2. A night out. Take your mom on a fun night out to do something new. I love the idea of workshops that are starting to become very popular right now. You could do a floral arranging class, cooking class, candle making, and so so more. Start looking in your city and even local colleges to see what's offered!

I hope this gave you some inspiration for a fun unique Mother's Day gift! If you really want to go above and beyond you could get a gorgeous unique Jord watch along with any of the other above gifts with a card informing her this gift is all about appreciating her time and her taking some time for herself. You get the idea!

Make sure you enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a $100 credit to Jord watches for mom (or's fine....I'm not judging I promise) Eric and I both love our Jord watches. The men's line is just as stunning. I was blown away the first time I found out they were made from wood! I absolutely love my newest watch addition. It goes with everything and is so easy to dress up or down.

*Please note contest ends Sunday May 13th (Mother's Day) at 11:59pm*

Wooden Wrist Watch


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