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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Perfect Spring/Summer Leggings

For those of you waiting for the bench tutorial post, it should be finished by Thursday/Friday!! I hope you like it as much as the Wainscoting tutorial (and I hope that one was helpful for you!).  I like most of you love to feel cute at the gym. Whenever I like what I'm wearing or have a new outfit I tend to have a better workout. Is that weird? Something about feeling good about the way I look gives me a little extra boost. Typing that out now it really does sound super weird but I'm imagining you feel the same way and are agreeing with me right now so thank you!

Ok, so I like to feel good in what I'm wearing but I also don't like to spend a TON of money all the time on every piece I own. Once in a while splurges are great but lets be honest....theres lots of things I'd rather spend money on than just my workout wardrobe. With that being said, the total spent on these leggings, top, and shoes COMBINED was under $85!!!! I have spent more than that JUST on workout bottoms as I'm sure you have as well. 

These pants are amazing quality, squat proof, AND keep everything nice and tight. They fit true to size and do a great job staying up. I hate having to pull up my leggings throughout my workout! K the top is actually just a super cute tank that I wear under a light cardi but decided to use and tie a front knot for my workout. With that being said it's perfect for wearing out or to the gym versatility is gold! Last the shoes. K the shoes were just under $30 so they're not life changing or competing with any of the bigger brands. I wouldn't wear them running but for lifting weights or doing a class they'd be perfect.

I linked all the details for this gym look as well as my favorite go-to protein powder below. This protein powder is by far the best tasting in my opinion compared to other brands and has less than 1g of sugar!! (Insert praise hands emoji!!)


  1. Those leggings are CUTE! I love the geometric cuts on them!

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