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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Best Family Resort in Cancun (Our Experience at the Marriott Cancun Resort)

This Thanksgiving we went with Eric’s side of the family to Cancun at the Marriott Cancun Resort.  It was soooo fun to be with the whole family and have all the cousins together playing (19 of us total!). Tyson took one of his cousins from Nashville over to me and said, “ mommy this is my new friend!” bear in mind we see these cousins every few months lol. It was so cute to see him get so excited all over again.  I think he was confused being out of the element where we normally see cousins. 

On top of just being so excited to be with everyone, we absolutely LOVED the staff that works at the Marriott Cancun Resort. Seriously the sweetest most accommodating people. Case kept reaching for the doorman that would see us in and out of the hotel and was so excited when he finally held him. One instance that really just stands out to me was when I was changing Case’s dirty diaper in the bathroom. An employee came in to use the restroom herself and as soon as she saw me in there, stopped and first asked if she could do anything for me (not in an environment where she even needed to). I of course said I was ok but thanked her anyways. She saw I was finishing changing Case and came over to take the dirty diaper and throw it away so I didn’t have to. Something so so small but really was just so kind and really made an impact on me with how sweet and service oriented the employees were. I wish I got her name so I could have told someone. But I guess lessons for next time. 

After checking in, we quickly ran to our rooms to change and head to the beach and pool. You can check out our room tour on my IG Highlights (@carefreeblonde2) or in the video at the bottom of the post. There are lots of different room styles available and to accommodate our family I believe this particular style was referred to as an Executive Suite. It was perfect to have a separation from the master bedroom to the family style room with pullout couch bed which is where Tyson and Case stayed. We had a crib brought up to our room for Case so we didn’t need to bring a pac and play. I just brought his crib sheet, noise machine, and sleeper he normally uses to have it feel familiar to him. (Side note: I read somewhere a while ago that bringing a sheet that smells like home is soothing for baby. True or not I’ve done it with both Ty and Case and so far so good!)

We couldn’t get down to the gorgeous pool and beach fast enough. I mean just postcard worthy. The shape of the pool is so nice especially with larger groups because you can keep everyone in eyesight at all times. Not sure if that was the goal but definitely a huge plus with our large group of kiddos! They also had a swim-up bar that was fun to go get our virgin Pina Coladas and Margaritas!!!

I haven’t been to Cancun in the summer but from what I hear it is just sooooo hot. Y’all the weather the week of Thanksgiving is ideal. It ranged from 81-85ish and  and had occasional clouds to give you a break from the sun. We’ve gone over Thanksgiving break with Erics family every other year since getting married and the weather has been pretty mild like this every time. Definitely recommend looking at trips this time of year!

Our first night (and the next several nights) we went as a family via bus ride to the mall for tacos for dinner. The restaurant overlooks the dock and ocean and is absolutely stunning at sunset. They had a couple boat tours around that time that looked like pirate ships which the younger kids thought was the coolest thing. It did look really pretty against the sunset. If you’re wanting to get away from your resort for a meal you need to try La Parilla. There are two, one in downtown Cancun which has a more local feel and one in an open air mall (La Isla shopping center) which overlooks the dock and is stunning at sunset. Both taste amazing but the mall is closer to the hotel strip. I ordered the Tacos Al Pastor and enchilada verde on different nights. I recommend both but really everything was soooooo good!!! Another plus of eating at the mall is if your kids are a little picky there is a McDonalds right there. You can indulge in your tacos while your littles get their MickeyD's fix. If you can tell, Ty may have had a cheeseburger a couple of our taco outings. 

side note this group pic was a different restaurant. (we like La Parilla 100x more!)

With our large group and age of little ones, we mainly stayed around the hotel but there was always fun things going on, good food, and an amazing pool and beach so it never got old. On Eric's and my honey moon we did to a few excursions one to Xel Ha , Xplore, and the Tulum ruins. All so much fun and maybe once the kiddos get older we might try doing those again but we had so much fun just being able to play on the beach, eat tacos, and be with family!

Right next to the pool was an Aqua World booth where you could schedule all of your water activities from scuba diving, boat tours, to jet skis and etc. We have scheduled jet skis on the beach where locals will have a tent set up. You can usually get a better price and negotiate with them. When Eric was in high school he and a buddy did the parasailing and their rope snapped while they were in the air. Thank heavens they didn't come crashing down because of the sail, but they did hit the water pretty hard. We don't really do parasailing now lol.

On our last full day, Mimi and Pa took both boys so Eric and I could get a couples massage and y'all it was so good! So good in fact, I started dozing off towards the end (mainly because Case woke up at 5:30 that morning). While I was slipping off to sleep, they had warmed my slippers and started to slide them over my feet. I instantly woke up thinking Case was throwing up on my feet. LOL the thoughts of a Mom. Nothing like a jolt of adrenaline at the end of a massage! I will say it was one of the better massages I've had...up until my mom panic moment.

After the massage, they led us into a separate sitting area that was prepared with drinks, fresh fruit, granola, and dried fruit. Just a nice sitting area after your massage to wake back up. Right after the snacks I went into the sauna for 5 minutes to detox, drank lots of water, then rescued Mimi and Pa from my two tornados!

Once down at the pool (because it was the day before Thanksgiving), the hotel set out a complimentary Turkey Brownie activity for all the kids. They gave each person two brownies to decorate with colored whipped cream and sprinkles. Such a fun activity! The kids loved it. That same day they had a local swimsuit designer do a pop up shop and fashion show around the pool. It really is such a fun and family friendly environment. They even had a different family movie playing every night in the garden with popcorn bags.

It was such a blessing being able to go on vacation with the whole family including little ones. We had so much fun and made so so many memories. Don't be too intimidated to take your kids on vacation. I've heard several times parents say their kids are too young to travel. I'm sure it gets easier as they get older but it was so fun creating memories together. Whether you're home or traveling, kids are kids and will have their moments....might as well be at a beach lol!

A few things that made traveling easier:

* Dum-Dum suckers (For take off and landing. Kids have a hard time with pressure in their ears and the sucking motion really helps!)
*Mini Steamer (this is amazing to have on hand especially after clothes get wrinkled in suitcases)
* Normal Stroller ( I liked having our large stroller over the umbrella stroller because we could store pool toys in the under carriage.) I also brought our baby bjorn for times like going on the bus where strollers would be a pain! Definitely recommend bringing both if you have a kiddo that could use either.
* Normal Sleep "gear" Noise machine, baby monitor (because there was a separation in rooms), sheet for Case, and sleeper. Trying to make sleep time feel familiar is important for a goods night rest. I get asked a lot what sleeper we use for Case so the brand is linked above.
* LOTS of sunscreen. It's always more expensive at resorts so be prepared.
* Pool toys. I had a separate carry on size suitcase that held all of the water gear. Floaties, pool toys, swim diapers, shovels, and etc. I just checked it on with our other bags but it was nice keeping all of that in a separate bag from our clothes. 
* On Delta International flights they have free movies which Ty loved. If that's not available, I do bring an Ipad to hep with Tyson. When I fly alone with Case and Tyson to Texas in the next few weeks, I will for sure have the screen and lots of treats. Sometimes getting from point A to point B is about survival.

I'd love to hear if there are other stops in Cancun I didn't include that you feel are must sees or any travel tips you might have! Make sure to check out the video version of our trip below!!!


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