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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Is Disney on Ice Worth It? A Parent's Review (Includes 2019 Disney on Ice schedule)

When looking for activities for the family, (especially ones that cost money) my first step is to look at reviews from other's experiences. Now having gone to the Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic show, this made me ask myself, " Was Disney on Ice worth it? Was my experience what I expected?" 

Tyson now 3.5 went to Disney World when he was about 1.5 years old. It's always amazing to me how much they take in and remember at such a young age. Now that he is much more vocal and communitive he talks about Disney World and constantly asks if we can go back. When I found out Disney on Ice was coming to town I was so excited to get tickets and get a little taste of that Disney Magic.

We told Ty about a month before the actual event and asked who he would like to invite. His cousin Paisley who is almost exactly one year older was the first and obvious choice. They are little BFFs and it is the cutest. Throughout that month they were face timing each other and talking all things Disney so as you can imagine I was really hoping it was going to be everything they dreamed of.


We got to the event and parking was free at the Infinite Energy Arena (I say that because I know some other reviews in different locations mention having to pay for parking). Parking situations are just going to depend on the venue you are attending. I would call ahead to ask if parking will cost if that's something you are concerned about. The traffic getting into the lot was ridiculous. We spent around 15 minutes in line trying to get in the lot. Once in, the parking was pretty quick. Next time I will just make sure we give ourselves an extra 20 minute cushion for parking. We got there 10 minutes before the show started but because of parking missed the first couple minutes. (Not a big deal and the kids didn't even notice BUT next time I will adjust as needed).

Thoughts on The Show:

THE second we sat down Tyson started pointing and yelling who all the characters were. The music, performers, and props just filled the entire arena with such an electric contagious energy. I got a little lump in my throat watching the magic in Tyson's face and then just watching the skaters perform. I get goosebumps when I hear a beautiful voice or watch the talents of others. It just really makes me feel so blessed to live in a place where creativity and talents are able to be expressed. ALL of the skaters were so so talented. 

The show itself lasts close to two hours with a 15 min intermission in the middle. The show flowed seamlessly and went by so fast because of all the songs and action that was packed in. The intermission was perfect for little bladders (like mine lol) and to stretch your legs. Both Paisley and Tyson didn't want to be away from their seats long and literally ran back when it was time. Disney merchandise is sold and can easily add up. We brought some of our own light up toys knowing this ahead. You can see some of my Disney on Ice Pre-Show Tips Here for some suggestions. We ate dinner before hand but did buy the kids popcorn once there. A bag of popcorn was $12 so just plan accordingly

An idea for treats at the show is maybe allowing your kids to pick one to share OR if you plan in advance you could have them do chores in exchange for money for the show so they can buy their own treat or souvenir.

If you like Disney, puppies, the smell of fresh laundry, or seeing your child smile you'll love Disney on Ice. If none of those things sound appealing to you, I am sorry to say there is little hope for you. We had an amazing time and Tyson has already asked if we can go back next year. Disney on Ice we will be seeing you again soon!!!

You can find the Disney on Ice schedule HERE to see what shows are coming your way!

Did you have a good experience at Disney on Ice? What tips or suggestions do you have for people planning their experience? Comment below! Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you found something helpful for planning your Disney on Ice family fun night!!

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