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Monday, July 8, 2019

7 Easy Tips to Look Effortless While Traveling

Congrats on your upcoming trip! Chances are you’re thrilled and thinking of allllll the things right now. Is everything current with my passport? What needs to get done before we leave? What should I pack? How many shoes do I bring? Do I need one of those neck pillow things? How can I look like one of those chic jetsetters on Pinterest that always look so put together?

The best way to look effortlessly put together while flying, driving, sailing, or whatever other form of travel you choose is by simplifying your current routine, and adding in a couple standout elements. Scroll down for 7 simple things you can do to instantly get that glam traveler look.

1.Everyone Looks Better Tan.

Long ago were my tanning bed days. I am all about healthy skin which for me includes self tanner and sunscreen. Before vacation  I love to make sure I’m all bronzed up. Whether you get a spray tan or use an at home method, make sure the base color is green to avoid that oompa loompa orange. My favorite at home brand (and I’ve used ALOT at a lot of different price points) is St. Tropez. The smell isn’t as intense as others, it keeps my skin hydrated, and gives a long lasting natural tan color without streaking (make sure you use the mit). Use the foam and mit before vacation and bring the individual tan wipes for any touch ups while on your trip. If you’re interested in the ones I use, you can click one of the images below to shop

2.What Goes Better With Tanned Skin Than……….(make sure to read this one for a giveaway)

White teeth! (Before and Afters below) A glowing complexion and pearly whites scream health and youth. Hold on real quick before scrolling on. If you are hesitant because the teeth whitening strips you’ve tried before gives you sharp lightning knife like pain after, I’ve got you. The best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth at home is by far Smile Brilliant. This company reached out to me about 2 years ago (you can read an extremely detailed post about my experience HERE) fast forward and before our trip to Europe I reached out to them for whitening gel refills (once you have the trays you only need to order the whitening and sensitivity gel refills going forward). I love them and only wanted you to know I was the one that reached out because with all the suggestions out there on the internet it can be hard to know which ones are really the best.

You can get your at home kit for 15% off by using code carefreeblonde15 AND I’m so excited because one of my readers will get their very own kit for free valued at $149. All you have to do to enter is click this link and enter your email. Viola done and seriously y’all my favorite whitening experience. Note: Giveaway is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents. Winner will be contacted directly by Smile Brilliant. For more details make sure to follow me on Instagram @carefreeblonde2

(Note 1&2 will instantly give you the traveled glow in all the photos. If you only choose 2 of these ideas to incorporate, these are them!)

3.When All Else Fails…..

Get yo nails done. It’s the one thing for me that just makes me feel put together.  Everything could be grunge but if my nails are done, your girl has it going on. A cute manicure is one of those things that may not jump out at anyone but just ties the overall effortless look together. Since we were doing the mediteranean, I opted for a light blue and love it. It might actually be my summer go to now.

4. Face Prep 1: Travel Takes a Toll on Your Skin

I talk more on the toll travel takes on your skin in the next two points below. Pay special attention to these because even if your outfit is on poin, if your skin isn’t on par your tan won’t last, you’ll look tired, and that just doesn’t work for an effortless look. That being said, about two days before travel I like to “prep” my face for all the climate and altitude changes ahead. The way that I personally do this is by using a detox max to pull all the junk out and then hydration masks right after and the night before travel. There are lots of brands and varieties of masks out there and so I linked some of my personal favorites for you below. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask from Amazon is extremely wallet friendly, lasts a long time, and works wonders. I swear by this stuff. The way you’ll get the best results is by using apple cider vingar as the liquid. Definitely not the most glamorous mask but in my opinion the most effective. After using this mask I love a good hydro mask to follow up. I love the Dr Jart brand because its made without parabens, sulfates, and Phthalates. It’s a brand you can trust and  I instantly feel hydrated. 1st detox the skin and 2nd fill it with all the hydrating goodness it needs.

As a side note I also think it’s a good idea to do the mask routine after you return home from your vacation to re-acclimate. Also, if you decide to do a facial instead of at home masks, I’d do that about a week before the trip. After facials (because they usually tend to be alittle more in depth) my skin tends to have a mini breakout then clear up to beautifully clear skin. This is why I’d do a facial a week in advance.

5. Face Prep 2: It’s not worth a breakout

Take it from me. With this last trip Eric and I took to Europe, I did the full face of makeup on the plane there and back and my skin let me know that wasn’t going to fly again. If you’re used to flying you know how drying it is on your skin. Your eyes feel dry, makeup can start looking a little dry and flaky, and just overall lack of moisture. Going forward I will be skipping the full coverage and opting for a tinted moisturizer and maybe just lashes to finish it off. You’ll have all the girls on the plane that were like me thinking full coverage on a 10 hour flight looking at you so confused at how you look so fresh while our makeup is creasing and drying out. If you want to take it a step further, you could keep a hydrating facial spray in your carry on to spritz as needed. One of the most recognized brands for this is the Evian facial spray. I’ll link travel size bottles for you.

6. Face/Skin Prep 3: The 8x8 Rule

According to Healthline, most people follow the 8x8 rule which is drinking 8 ounces of water 8 times a day or roughly half a gallon. When you are trying to see the sites and running around it’s easy to forget about this  and is once again imparative if you want to look your best while on vacation. When packing bring an empty insulated water bottle you can refill. In Rome on our bike tour we stopped by plenty of public water fountains that were AMAZING! If you are going to Rome you need to take advantage of the cold clean water fountains and bring your water bottles! A water bottle on my “to buy” list is the Hydro Flask (link takes you to Amazon) because of the straw spout. Perfect for Riding a bike through Rome or to have at your cycle class at the gym.

7. The No Fail Travel Uniform

This is another learn from my mistakes. I seem to need to do the wrong thing to really suggest something else for you to try. Flying to Rome I opted for some cute comfy skinny jeans, my slide on converse (I highly recommend for moms on the go), a tee, and light jacket.  Where I messed up was with the skinnies. After about hour 5 of the flight they started feeling less comfy and more restricting. Just keep this in mind when planning your travel look. Is this going to be just as comfy landing in 10 hours as it is right now? If you’re unsure I’d re-evaluate.

Flying home was much much better I opted for my linen pants, loose white tee, and slide on sandals. (Pro tip: keep a pair of comfy socks in your bag for when the plane gets freezing and you want to cuddle up) Linen pants make everything look effortless right away. So flattering on every body and flowy. Think light, stretchy, and loose when planning your travel uniform. Keep colors neutral and layer friendly. Why is it the plane is always disgustingly hot when you first sit down then freezing 20minutes in? The light jacket was put to good use immediately. I’ve combined a few travel pieces below you can shop by clicking the image. Each give the loose effortless and most importantly comfy long flight experience.


As a bonus to an Effortless travel, Here are a few things I used this trip and LOVED. (All items mentioned are linked at the bottom of the post from Amazon)

1.I purchased these neck pillows for Eric and I. Can you guess which is mine?  

2.I also snagged a cute passport and document carrier to keep all tickets, cash, passports easily accessible in one grab. I have spent time searching for different zip locks and pockets in the past. This little pocket book thing made everything way easier for me. When we were away doing excursions for the day, I’d keep our passports, wallets, and valuables locked in the room safe and keep photo copies of our passports, enough cash for that day, and any tickets needed for that day in that pouch in our bag. Again easy access, only keeping what we needed, and just in case something was stolen (heaven forbid) all the super important stuff is still our safe.

3. Packing Cubes have completely changed the way I pack! If you haven’t tried packing cubes yet it’s a must in my opinion. How many times do you pack your suitcase perfectly then need to get one thing and then the whole thing is messed up? Especially if you pack for a family you can just grab that family members cube and everything else stays exactly in place.

4. Bring a plug converter. We stayed at Marriott for a couple nights and I assumed they’d have an adapter available. Well they kinda did but it wasn’t meant for everything. What I mean by that is when I plugged my steamer in and started seeing smoke instead of steam I about freaked out and thought of that Ashton Kutcher movie Just Married. You know the part I’m talking about? Anyways be safe and bring your own adapter.

5. A steamer. Packing will create some wrinkles and if you want to look effortless you can’t look like you just rolled out of bed. There are lots of good options but I love the mini steamer linked below. So much so I actually gave mine to my brother headed to college so he didn’t have to iron all his shirts. I need to get another one now. I just brought my big household one on this trip.


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